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Digital Western Parkland City

The Western Parkland City covers the local council areas of: Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly.

The ambition for the Western Parkland City is that it will be one of Australia’s most connected cities with innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure which will bring residents closer to jobs, services, education and the world.

The digital vision

The true potential of the Western Parkland City will be realised when we have:

  • an inclusive and digitally capable region, where people are the focus and everyone has access to technologies that benefit and create opportunities;
  • a productive region with flexible, future-focused communication infrastructure for faster, more reliable and affordable digital connectivity;
  • a resilient and sustainable region that uses technology to help manage natural resources efficiently; and
  • a liveable region, where smart solutions improve the quality of the local environment and the health and wellbeing of the people in it.

The Western Sydney City Deal is a 20-year agreement and partnership of the Australian and NSW Government, and the eight councils of the Western Parkland City. The Western Sydney City Deal contains four digital commitments, which will help us realise the digital vision:

Industry briefing event

An industry briefing for the technology sector was held on the 8th February 2019 to provide an overview of the opportunities arising from the planned development of the Digital Western Parkland City

The event was attended by more than 250 delegates and is the first step for the Australian and NSW Government and eight Local Governments to research and plan for the best available infrastructure and public services for the people of Western Sydney.

The event provided delegates with details on the Western Sydney City Deal that relate to digital connectivity and technology and the potential opportunities in transforming the Western Parkland City into a Smart City.

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Western Parkland City Digital Action Plan

The Digital Action Plan defines the coordinated effort required to deliver on the digital commitments and digital vision for the Western Sydney City Deal.

It will guide all levels of government and industry to deliver:

  • better connectivity for Western Parkland City now and in the future
  • seamless government touch points and engagement for citizens
  • data driven solutions and services for the people of Western Parkland City
  • inclusive planning and place-making, with the community involved.

The Digital Action Plan is being developed by the City Deal partners – the Commonwealth, New South Wales and eight local governments in consultation with industry. It will set out:

  • digital initiatives and actions to support and enable Western Sydney Parkland City to become Australia’s first digitally-enabled smart city;
  • how government will address the barriers to collaboration today, defining processes that will make teamwork effective and cut duplication; and
  • a roadmap of actions to guide successful implementation of the Digital Action Plan.

All City Deal digital commitments are being guided and aligned to the Digital Action Plan.

It is expected that the Digital Action Plan will be published in mid-2021.

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Smart Western City Program

The NSW Government is developing the Smart Western City Program to define the smart place initiatives and solutions that will ensure the Western Parkland City is a connected and digitally enabled city.

The Smart Western City Program is being structured around eight themes:

Enabling technologies/capabilities:

  • Internet connectivity – fibre and mobile connectivity and Internet of Things networks to make smart places possible.
  • Smart monitoring – environmental sensing and real time monitoring of infrastructure and public spaces.
  • Data sharing – ways to house, secure, de-identify and protect data and make it open and available.
  • Smart planning and management – digital resources for planning, delivering, operating and maintaining assets and places (like digital twins).

Functional outcomes:

  • Smart public spaces – equipping our public parks and spaces with technologies like movement activated lights, micro-grids and solar power, water sensors and message boards to provide real time information.
  • Smart transport – new transport solutions to help us get from A to B more efficiently.
  • Community engagement – digital tools and solutions to help us engage with communities seamlessly across all tiers of Government.
  • Local jobs – solutions that allow people to work at or closer to home.

The Smart Western City Program will set out what needs to be achieved for each theme, the role of government, the high-level timeframe and the type of potential government investment. The Program will align with the Digital Action Plan.

It is expected that the Smart Western City Program will be published mid-2021.

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Market engagement

We engaged with industry to develop the Smart Western City Program. This helped us surface solutions to make Western Sydney the smartest and most connected city it can be.

The market engagement program ran for 12 months and included:

  • An industry briefing with over 250 delegates
  • A call for ideas, resulting in 114 prospectuses, some containing multiple initiatives
  • Evaluation of the prospectuses
  • A Pitchfest event, with 10 companies pitching initiatives to 100 representatives from government and private sector.
  • A test and trial incubation process, with five pitchees partnering with councils and state Government agencies
  • Market soundings with around 50 organisations presenting to councils and NSW government representatives.

The market engagement program helped us:

  • Prepare the Program Strategic Business Case.
  • Identify ideas for the Smart Western City Program, considering initiatives that can be scaled up and are interoperable.
  • Identify ways we can work with partners and industry and across Government to deliver the Digital Western Parkland City.

The findings of the market engagement are helping us shape the Smart Western City Program, which will be finalised in mid-2021.

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5G strategy and trials

We need to provide reliable and affordable internet connections to attract businesses and people to live, work and play in the region.

Great digital connections will drive our economy and edge.

The 5G Strategy aims to ensure positive outcomes in the Western Parkland City in relation to:

  • Connectivity
  • Meeting citizen needs and expectations
  • Ensuring good urban amenity outcomes
  • Ensuring 5G can be implemented in a commercially sustainable way, and
  • Accelerating the value of 5G for the economy.

Work on the draft strategy and planning for the delivery of 5G trials is continuing.

Openly available data sets

The NSW Government data management platforms will be used to house shared data for the Western Parkland City. The platforms:

  • Allow different groups of people to have secure access, so data is shared appropriately and no one has access to data they shouldn’t.
  • Are protected using NSW Cyber Security provisions.
  • Can be accessed by local councils, so they can upload and maintain data.
  • Link automatically to Commonwealth data sharing platforms, Data.Gov and NationalMap.

Councils are uploading data sets on a rolling basis with support from the NSW Government data services teams.

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