Introducing Smart Places

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What are Smart Places?

Smart Places integrate technologies into the built environment to capture and convey data and insights.

The embedded technology helps to capture information on the asset or local environment. The data is analysed to help people and governments to make better, evidence-based decisions about how to improve the productivity, liveability and resilience of cities, towns and communities.

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Why we need a Smart Places Strategy

Building on Government’s long term planning frameworks, the Smart Places Strategy will enhance existing economic and technological strategies by streamlining policy and plans across all levels of Government in NSW.

The NSW Government will play an important role in ensuring its customers realise the full benefits Smart Places have to offer. This includes:

  • setting legislation, policies and guidelines for place owners, industry and government agencies to consistently rollout smart initiatives;
  • creating partnership structures and governance models across local, state and commonwealth governments and the private sector to maximise investment in smart initiatives; and
  • direct investment to support market acceleration and to address market failure so that no one is left behind.

The Smart Places Strategy aligns with, and brings together the outcomes sought within the NSW Government’s metropolitan and regional infrastructure, economic, land use and digital strategies. This helps achieve their overall liveability objectives in regional and metropolitan places.

NSW Government strategies

How Smart Places will be delivered

The Smart Places Strategy responds to Recommendation 30 of Building Momentum: 2018 State Infrastructure Strategy, which recognises that successfully delivering Smart Places requires robust foundations, effective enablers and innovative programs. Using these three ‘building blocks’, the Strategy informs decisions and actions by the NSW Government and empowers place owners across the State to implement ‘smart’ solutions for problems in their cities, towns and communities.

The Strategy also positions the NSW Government to work collaboratively with local government, the Australian Government and private sector partners to harness the power of digital technologies and realise the substantial benefits being delivered by technological change.

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