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The Water group is responsible for ensuring sustainable, secure and healthy water resources and services for NSW.

We manage surface and groundwater resources, develop and implement plans for water security in NSW, and manage regional and metropolitan water supply and usage.

We have developed the first 20 year NSW Water Strategy that addresses water security and supply for both metropolitan and regional areas. As part of this, we plan and deliver major water infrastructure projects.

We ensure equitable sharing of water resources through secure and tradeable water entitlements and allocations. We also develop, review and refine water sharing plans and regional water strategies.

We work in partnership with a range of agencies across the water sector including the Commonwealth, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, local government and other government departments to deliver services and reforms that support sustainable and healthy environments and communities.

Our role is to:

  • ensure water sources across NSW are sustainable, healthy and resilient through planning, modelling, policy and regulation
  • improve state-wide water regulation, licencing and metering to ensure equitable and fair access to water
  • improve the security, reliability, quality and resilience of our water resources over the long term through strategic planning at state and regional levels as well as the development of metropolitan and regional infrastructure
  • achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal communities and improving cultural water flows and access to water
  • improve the health of waterways and their catchments to support our environmental, social, cultural and economic needs and values.
  • support the wellbeing of rural and regional communities who enjoy the recreational benefits our regional waterways provide.

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NSW Water Strategy

A 20-year state-wide strategy to improve the security of our water resources.

Water projects in NSW

Initiatives that are either completed, committed to or being investigated as part of the NSW Water Strategy.

Water Infrastructure

Responsible for leading the development and delivery of key government water infrastructure projects and programs across the state.