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Premier's Priorities

Great public spaces

Great public spaces

To achieve the Premiers Priority ‘Greener Public Spaces’ target we are delivering a range of exciting projects across NSW, including eight new and improved parks across Sydney, along with co-funding inclusive play spaces through the Everyone Can Play program with local Councils.

Quality green, open and public spaces are important to everyone. They are our free parks, gardens and sports fields, walkable shady streets, libraries, museums and galleries, which form the heart of our communities. They support our health and well-being, environmental resilience and prosperous local economies.

People with access to green and public places are healthier and happier than those who don’t. For many people living without a lush backyard, the parks and green spaces in our towns and cities are vital to maintain both physical and mental health.

To help you find a local public space in your area, visit our ePlanning Spatial Viewer. The public spaces layer shows the location of known open spaces and public facilities across NSW.

Open Spaces Program

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings together specialists in urban and regional planning, natural resources,

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Parks for People

Parks for People is an ambitious NSW Government initiative that sets a new benchmark for high-quality public open spaces in our communities.

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Everyone Can Play

Everyone Can Play is a best practice resource for councils, community leaders, landscape architects and passionate local residents.

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Our commitment to deliver on the Premier's Priorities includes: