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The Festival of Place

The Festival of Place... at your place

There's so much to explore and do without travelling long distances. Some of the greatest public spaces can be found in your own neighbourhood. As part of The Festival of Place we have put together some great public space ideas, activities and content you can do in the comfort of your home and local neighbourhood.

  • Download our green bingo sheet and take the kids for a stroll this weekend
  • Take a virtual tour around some of our State's great public places before you plan your next visit
  • Get creative your front yard and invite your community to connect with your place through kids' art, a book exchange or herb garden
  • Take a break from the screen and breathe deeply through a guided online meditation in the mangroves

Public spaces, whether exploring them outdoors or online, are so vital to everyone's health and wellbeing. Stay in touch with the latest COVID-19 rules and restrictions.


From online arts and crafts to green bingo, try these fun and engaging activities with your kids. We know you'll love them too.


Health and well-being

Take a little time for yourself today. Don't know where to start? We have some activities and online resources to help you out.


Armchair travel

Planning your next trip? Take a virtual tour to explore some of NSW’s great public spaces.


Get creative

Staying in this weekend? Why not take our online art trail or push yourself to solve some challenging jigsaw puzzles?