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Artist Garry Trinh's Giant Bonsai

Artist Garry Trinh’s Giant Bonsai is an ongoing photographic project that celebrates the incidental charms of creative urban vegetation pruning in Sydney.

The Rocks and Darling Harbour 20-21 Memories

Watch this video and take a trip down memory lane on all the awesome snippets from the past year.

Summer Night Walks

What’s a special place in your neighbourhood that had a lasting impact on you? Tim Ross asks this question to some of our leading public figures and public space planner as they embark on a journey in this series.

Learn about our first Nation's culture

Discover the 65,000-year history of the Gadigal Aboriginal people through a virtual tour by knowledgeable Indigenous guides. Learn about their experiences and struggles during ‘first contact’ and the aftermath of colonisation.

Dance Locale

Launching our year-long The Festival of Place, Dance Locale celebrated the beauty and diversity of public space in its home state of New South Wales.