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Greater Sydney Parklands

Visit and take a walk around some of Sydney's most iconic places: Centennial Parklands, Western Sydney Parklands, Parramatta Park, Callan Park and Fernhill Estate.

Well-being Walks

Take some time away from the screen and revisit nature by taking a Well-being walk. Take care of yourself and each other during lockdown by taking a Well-being walk. Check in with your friends, colleagues, and family, as well as yourself. It’s easy to participate. Just walk, talk, snap a photo and share.

Vaccination Centres at Sydney Olympic Park

Information on hours of operation, parking and transport.

Yoga online

The focus on breathing, the concentration required to find balance in certain poses, the flow of the movements – active meditation can help clear the mind, quieten anxieties and strengthen your body.

The Royal Botanic Gardens - Gardening at home

Want to get growing in your garden? Join the team for some quick tips and you'll be blooming in no time!

NSW COVID-19 information

Learn about the rules and restrictions in NSW and what you can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Meditation in the mangroves

Take some time out of your busy day and imagine yourself in the beautiful mangroves. You'll come out refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.