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The Festival of Place

Falling in love with your Country

Johnathan Jones

Falling in love with your Country explores and critiques our relationship to place as Australians. Hosted by Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones, the podcast will focus on places, stories and people of south-east Australia, a region that takes in present-day New South Wales and Victoria, where most Australians, including Aboriginal Australians, call home.

Listeners are invited to join Jonathan on a personal journey as he meets with a variety of people to unlock historical narratives, explore unique Aboriginal perspectives, and examine how Country remains so vital to our concepts of place. Falling in love with your Country will connect Aboriginal knowledge, colonial history, modern stories and contemporary activities. Hear from leading thinkers and significant voices, many of whom have inspired and informed Jonathan’s understanding of place over the years.

Falling in love with your Country will be available from 2021, everywhere you get your podcasts.