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Great Public Spaces Toolkit

The Great Public Spaces Toolkit helps bring the principles of the NSW Public Spaces Charter (PDF 7.3MB) to life through a collection of free resources to support local government, state agencies, industry and the community. The department is developing tools that anyone can use to support planning, managing and creating better and more vibrant public spaces.

The toolkit includes:


Guidance and other evidence to support more, better and activated public spaces.


Practical tools to support evaluation of public space and public life.

Case studies

Best practice examples when creating great public spaces across NSW.

Evaluation tool for public space and public life

Hear from Dr. Caroline Butler-Bowdon, DPE’s Executive Director, Public Spaces, along with representatives from the City of Sydney and Wagga Wagga City Council about their experiences using the Evaluation Tool.

How to stay in touch

For more information about the Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life or the Great Public Spaces Guide, please email us at PublicSpace@planning.nsw.gov.au