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NSW Public Spaces Charter

Public space is where public life happens

Public spaces like our parks, museums, libraries and high streets connect us to our communities, bring us closer to nature, make us healthier and happier, provide places for celebration and help businesses to prosper.

The NSW Government exhibited a draft  NSW Public Spaces Charter PDF, 8748.13 KB in October 2020 - our commitment to quality public spaces for every community across NSW.

The Charter supports the Greener Public Spaces Premier’s Priority to increase the proportion of homes in urban areas within 10 minutes’ walk of quality green, open and public space by 10 per cent by 2023 and will ensure an ongoing commitment to quality public space in NSW.

The draft charter is also available in the following languages:

What is the NSW Public Spaces Charter?

The NSW Public Spaces Charter has been developed to support the planning, design, management and activation of public spaces in NSW. It identifies ten principles for quality public space, developed through evidence-based research and discussions with a diverse range of public space experts.

All NSW Government agencies will be asked to endorse and adopt the final Charter when it is released in late 2021. We want the Charter to be a tool that can be used by individuals, organisations and agencies that are responsible for public space. By signing up to the final charter when released, we are asking them to agree to plan, design, manage and activate public spaces they oversee in line with its principles.

Public Engagement

We want the Charter to reflect the community's expectations and aspirations for public space. A public engagement program was conducted from 20 October to 1 December 2020 with representatives from community, industry and across Government.

We gathered feedback on the draft principles and how they could be applied. This feedback will inform the final Charter and its principles. When published, the Charter will also include ideas, information and resources to support users and commit to the principles in the Charter.

To get in touch with the public spaces team, listen to two public webinars and see videos from experts on what the principles mean. Go to:

Charter Engagement

Hear from Shane Fitzsimmons, Commissioner of Resilience NSW talk about his thoughts on resilient public spaces and our NSW Public Spaces Charter.

For more information

See the frequently asked questions PDF, 100.35 KB for more information about the NSW Public Spaces Charter.