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Community conversations

With its metropolitan viewpoint, Greater Sydney Parklands Trust recognises that open spaces are vital to the whole city. They are much loved by communities and local government who also manage parklands throughout Greater Sydney’s many neighbourhoods.

One of the newly formed Trust’s first tasks is to establish a community consultation and engagement framework that will provide guidance to the Trust about how it consults and engages with the local community, and transparency and opportunities for collaboration across the community.

The Act also requires a community trustee board to be created for each park, increasing community input and consultation in a way that was previously only legislated for Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust.

The conversations have already begun and we look forward to many more.

Here are some of the main conversations we’ve been having:

50 Year Vision

July - September 2020


Fernhill Estate Plan of Management

December 2020 - February 2021


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Greater Sydney Parklands

Greater Sydney Parklands oversees more than 6,000 hectares of parklands across Sydney, and hosts over 40 million visits each year.

Greater Sydney Parklands Board

A consolidated board has been appointed that includes representation from Western Sydney Parklands Trust, Parramatta Park Trust, and

Key milestones

Learn about Greater Sydney Parklands' achievements to date.