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Parks for People

Parks for People is an ambitious NSW Government initiative that sets a benchmark for high-quality public open space. In partnership with local councils, we are delivering diverse and community-oriented parks across Greater Sydney.

These parks will be legacy spaces, taking the vision and ideas of the community, combined with innovative design and delivery of the right type of park for future generations.

Work on the parks is progressing and Tench Reserve in Jamisontown area is now open. Find out more about the transformed park and see the final design for Tench Reserve below:

About Parks for People

On 3 February 2019, the NSW Premier announced the $150-million Strategic Open Space program to secure and improve open space across Greater Sydney. The Parks for People program is the initial $50 million that is being spent across Greater Sydney to create better access to open space.

This high-profile program of the NSW Government will contribute to the delivery of government priorities, which aim to enhance the quality of life for the people of NSW.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment, in partnership with local councils and the community, will deliver new or improved parks that can be enjoyed by the community as a place to relax, exercise, have fun, connect with families and friends and breathe in the beauty of well-designed public open spaces.

How to be involved

Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas to the vision and design for Carrawood Park, George Kendall Riverside Park, Leppington, Appin Park, Tench Reserve, Nandi Reserve and Beaumont Hills.

Following the first engagement phase and technical research, we have created exciting new designs to share with you. The second stage of engagement seeks further community feedback on the draft concept designs.

We have already released the draft concept designs for Carrawood Park, George Kendall Riverside Park, Leppington, and Appin Park. Thank you to all who provided feedback.

We encourage you to revisit our web pages to follow the progress of these projects, or register for updates to be informed about future engagement opportunities for these parks.

We have presented the final concept designs for Nandi Reserve, Carrawood Park. Tench Reserve successfully reopened in February 2023. Head to the project pages to see the key features and character of each park.

Park Projects

Tench Reserve

The transformed park is now open!

Frenchs Forest

View the final concept design for Nandi Reserve.


Carrawood Park

View the final design for Carrawood Park.



View the draft concept for Leppington


George Kendall Riverside Park

View the final design for George Kendall Riverside Park


Appin Park

View the draft concept for Appin Park


Beaumont Hills

View the final design for Beaumont Hills.



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View the final design for County Road Reserve.


What is planned for the parks?

Each park will be planned and developed in close collaboration with local councils and the community to make sure the specific environmental, cultural, social and economic values are considered in the design.

The vision and ideas of the community and its stakeholders, combined with innovative design, will help create the right type of park for each community.

When will the parks be delivered?

The overall timelines for the program as a whole are:

  • concept design: 2020 and 2021
  • construction starts: late 2021
  • parks completion: from early 2023 onward

Timelines for each of the parks are featured on the project pages.

Where will the parks be located?

In June 2020, we confirmed the location of the new and improved parks across metropolitan Sydney:

  • New parks: Leppington, Appin and Beaumont Hills
  • Improved parks: George Kendall Riverside Park, Tench Reserve, Carrawood Park and Frenchs Forest

Why are some projects on hold?

Parks for People is an ambitious program being delivered by the NSW Government in partnership with councils in Sydney, with the objective of delivering high quality and innovative public open space.

  • County Road Reserve, Belrose – Northern Beaches Council

After extensive consultation with the community and feedback from Northern Beaches Council staff, this project is currently postponed.

The department will continue working closely with the council and the community at County Road Reserve to get the planning right for this beautiful part of Sydney.

  • Glenfield Parklands, Glenfield – Campbelltown City Council

The department continues to work with council to develop a masterplan for Glenfield Parklands.

Opportunities for the community to provide feedback will begin in April 2023.

Parks map

You can find more details about the parks by using the interactive map below.

Note: You can view a larger version of the interactive map.

Stay in touch

For more information about Parks for People, you can:

  • email us at open.space@planning.nsw.gov.au and let us know how you like to receive information about the project.
  • watch your local council’s ‘your say’ page for future consultation events in your neighbourhood.
  • sign up for email updates below: