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Parks for People - Tench Reserve

Tench Reserve final design

We are excited to be working closely with Penrith City Council to improve the popular and much-loved Tench Reserve. Construction for Tench Reserve commenced in April 2022, and will be completed later this year.

Following two rounds of community engagement, site studies, technical investigations and design work, the final design for Tench Reserve is now complete and available to view here:

Parks for People: Tench Reserve

View the final design video

About the new Park

Tench Reserve is a favourite destination for the local community as well as visitors to Penrith. Set on the beautiful Nepean River, the Park offers a mix of recreational and social opportunities as well as quiet respite from a busy world.

The final design protects and enhances this unique place so that it can continue to support the wellbeing of the community. The site was selected because engagement for Penrith City Council’s Our River Masterplan showed that community members wanted to see Tench Reserve upgraded and improved.

The Nepean River has always played a significant role in shaping the Penrith landscape, where mountains, river, and plains meet. It is also important to the local community as a place to cool off and have fun, enjoy the outdoors, celebrate good times, meetup with friends and exercise.

In developing the Concept Design, we have wanted to improve these experiences and create a better relationship between the Park and the River.

Where possible, this means more access points to the water, walkways that lead down to the water’s edge and opportunities to touch and play with the water. There will also be moments to stop and enjoy the natural riverside experience and new paths and trails that will make it easier for everyone to enjoy the Park.

A new wharf precinct has been designed with an event space and amphitheatre which we are excited to see come to life once the design is complete.

The following explains the design process for the new park in Penrith or visit the Parks for People web page for more information about the Parks for People program.

The process

The first step was to find out what can and can’t be done on the site through due diligence studies and consultation with industry and local experts. The top priority was to protect the unique environment and scenic beauty of the riverfront Park, while offering more places for the community to get together.

The second step was to seek initial ideas and feedback from the community and key stakeholders to inform the development of a draft Concept Design for the upgrades in the Park.

The third step presented a draft Concept Design for community feedback and further input before going any further and developing more detailed designs for the Park. This stage included a design board to take a closer look at the proposed key features of the Park, and a survey to capture community priorities and values that need to be further represented in the final plan.

The fourth step provided the community with the opportunity to view the final plan for the upgrades in more detail.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Park located? 

Tench Reserve is a 10 hectare large park, conveniently located on the eastern banks of the Nepean River, southwest of the Penrith City Centre. The park offers easy pedestrian access to the East Bank retail and dining precinct.

Tench Reserve map

How will the design of the Park be developed? 

Tench Reserve is being upgraded in close collaboration with Penrith City Council, the local community, key stakeholders, and experts.

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A new park for Penrith

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