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Have your say on public space during COVID-19

Communities across NSW are using public spaces differently as a result of COVID-19, to ensure safe physical distancing alongside the ability to exercise. We would like to hear more from you about how you value and are using public space during this time.

Our survey is based on one developed by our international peers Gehl and adapted to NSW with their permission.

We will publish the results to support the planning, delivery and management of public spaces for how they can adapt now and support future recovery.

Survey ended 20 August 2020.

What you said about your experiences during COVID-19

Icon of local streets


Use local streets more in their neighbourhood

Local streets icon


Appreciate local parks more

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Spend more time in public spaces than prior to COVID-19 restrictions

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Use public spaces for personal exercise (walking, running cycling)

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Found it difficult to practice physical distancing on streets and walking tracks

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Cycle more

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Walk more

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Drive less

Share your ideas for great streets as shared spaces

We want to hear your ideas about how you are using local streets everyday. Internationally we are seeing great examples of quick low-cost ideas to improve our streets as shared spaces for people to exercise, undertake essential trips safely, and rediscover their local public spaces.

Tell us how your local streets could be made more attractive for walking and cycling, accessing local shops and services, schools or open spaces. Provide any great examples of streets as great public spaces.

We want to build a library of ideas on how we can make our streets more attractive and safer to share. This will help spark ideas for everyone involved in planning, designing and managing our streets and neighbourhoods.

Read our Streets as Shared Spaces - ideas and opportunities (PDF 2.5MB) for inspiration and ideas on what makes a great public space.

Add your feedback

We want to hear your great ideas for your local streets! Comments have been added to the map below.  Feedback closed Friday 19 June at 5:00 pm.

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Streets as Shared Spaces grants
Streets as Shared Spaces grants
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