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Greening our City

Everyone Plant One

Trees have all kinds of benefits for communities and the people who live in them. You’re planting shade and treehouses for your grandchildren, cool places for picnics, privacy for yards, and homes for wildlife. Planting trees helps fight climate change, grows fresh fruit, improves mental health, and creates beautiful environments for everyone to live and learn.

So, join the Everyone Plant One campaign, and plant one tree whether it's in your backyard or on your balcony.

Because, when everyone plants one, it’s better for everyone.

Go out and get your hands dirty and have some family fun planting and learning about all the amazing things trees can do for your home and your community.

If everyone plants one, together we will create more tree canopy, cooler suburbs and reach the NSW Government's goal of five million trees by the end of 2030.

Will you join in and plant one to make the place you live even greater?

Join the Everyone Plant One campaign

I’ve planted one

Register your tree to make it count, because every tree planted gets Greater Sydney one-step closer to five million trees.


Trees registered

Make your tree count

Whether you’re an individual, council, organisation or community group, we want you to plant a tree for the future and make it count today – register your tree.

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Benefits of trees

Discover about the many benefits trees have to offer.


Trees are nature’s privacy screen. Find out how planting a tree can add privacy and beauty to your yard.


Shade from plants and trees reduces summer temperatures, glare, and UV radiation. Discover the best species to give you shade.


Trees provide shade, food and shelter for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and other mammals. Learn what trees will bring birdsong to your home.


There’s nothing like growing and picking your own fresh fruit straight from your garden. Get tips so you fill your fruit bowl!

Community cooling

Plants and trees are known as nature’s air conditioning and help cool your home during heatwaves. Get planting!

Mental health

Connecting with nature is so important as it improves your mental health and connection to place. Learn about the powerful benefit of trees.

Climate change

Planting trees creates a vital habitat for our threatened species to give them a fighting chance against climate change. Discover how a simple act can make a big difference for our world.