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Greening the Great West Walk

The Great West Walk is a 65-kilometre urban trail that stretches from Parramatta Park to the base of the Blue Mountains on the lands of the Darug nation. The walk is located on land in the Parramatta, Blacktown and Penrith local government areas.

Mapped by The Walking Volunteers – a group of experienced walkers creating a network of significant walking routes in Sydney – the Great West Walk was opened by the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in October 2019.

Increasing canopy cover along the walk

In 2021, the department partnered with Blacktown, Penrith and Parramatta councils, Greening Australia and Landcare NSW, to plant more than 26,000 trees along the walk, making Western Sydney a cooler and greener place for local residents and everyone to enjoy all year around.

In May 2022, we committed to planting a further 2,000 trees and associated works to make the Great West Walk even more beautiful and enjoyable for users, local communities and visitors to Western Sydney.

Planting will occur at various tree planting locations along the walk to help:

  • increase urban tree canopy and green cover through innovative planting practices
  • reduce temperatures along the Great West Walk and mitigate the urban heat island effect
  • improve walkability and accessibility for all users of the walk
  • enhance biodiversity and restore local ecology.

Greening projects overview

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A walking path within a green corridor in Blacktown City Council
Eyes on Blacktown – Blacktown City Council.
The continuation of a ‘green legacy corridor’ extending on the 2021 Great West Walk project, including planting 500 trees within Harvey Park and the Breakfast Creek corridor.
Estimated number of trees: 500
Estimated Completion date: November 2023
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Berried Treasure – Penrith City Council.
A proposal to create a ‘bush food trail’ with 5 rest areas along the walk with edible fruit trees and mulberry tree groves for people to interact with.
Estimated number of trees: 140
Estimated completion date: June 2023
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A Walk to Remember – Parramatta Council.
The provision of environmentally sensitive rest areas close to the 5km and 10km points of the Great West Walk. The works will consist of planting approximately 1,410 trees, signage detailing and seating upgrades at Yana Yirabana Reserve and Sue Savage Reserve.
Estimated number of trees: 1,410
Estimated completion date: June 2023
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Toongabbie Creek – Parramatta City Council.
Preparing four locations along the upper reaches of Toongabbie Creek to plant 1,400 trees. Works include bush regeneration, weed clearing, tree planting. This work is a continuation of the 7,600 trees planted under the 2021 Great West Walk project.
Number of trees: 1,400 trees
Completion date: December 2023
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Let it Bee – Penrith City Council.
An innovative planting project to improve soil quality and prepare tree beds for planting through the planting of a wildflower meadow at Grey Gums Oval, Cranebrook.
Number of trees: 78 trees
Completion date: May 2022
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100 Trees for 100 Years of Rotary – Penrith City Council.
Planting of 100 mature trees at Ironbark Reserve to celebrate the centenary of Rotary.
Number of trees: 100 trees
Completion date: October 2021
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Tregear Reserve – Blacktown City Council.
Planting of 3,200 trees in Tregear Reserve and the large grassy corridor running north and south.
Number of trees: 3200 trees
Completion date: October 2022
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Breakfast Creek – Blacktown City Council.
In partnership with Greening Australia, 6,500 trees at Breakfast Creek near Marayong Reserve, providing increased amenity to local residents and shade for users of the walk and nearby sports grounds.
Number of trees: 6500 trees
Completion date: February 2021
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Toongabbie Creek – Parramatta City Council.
Significant weed removal and regenerative planting of 7,600 trees at seven locations along Toongabbie Creek.
Number of trees: 7600 trees
Completion date: October 2021
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Toongabbie Creek – Parramatta City Council.
A partnership with Landcare NSW to plant 8,000 trees at Toongabbie Creek (including Arrunga and Backhousier).
Number of trees: up to 8,000 trees
Completion date: June 2021

Feasibility study

In May 2020, the department commissioned Gallagher Studio, to identify and prioritise potential tree-planting locations along the Great West Walk.

The process involved:

  • mapping, research, analysis, and consultation
  • examining the walk, in relation to its environmental, climatic, and social context.

The research revealed large portions of the walk have very low tree canopy cover (less than 20%) making parts of the walk 8-11 degrees warmer than other parts of Sydney.

The feasibility study has helped inform the selection of final tree-planting sites and projects to green the Great West Walk.

Read the summary report

Tree planting projects locations

You can find more details about the tree planting projects using the interactive map below.

Note: You can view a larger version of the interactive map.

More information

For more information about Greening the Great West Walk, you can contact the team via email.