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Greening our City

Greening our City grant

The Greening our City grant program supports local councils across Greater Sydney to enhance urban tree canopy and green cover in our local parks, streets and neighbourhoods. More trees mean more shade, cooler suburbs and attractive places to live and work for our communities.

Each tree planted counts towards the NSW Premier’s Priority of planting one million trees across Greater Sydney by the end of 2022.

Program objectives

  • enhance the tree canopy of Greater Sydney, particularly in suburbs with the least amount of tree cover
  • promote the establishment of newly planted trees to ensure longevity of the tree canopy
  • promote partnership projects between state and local governments
  • support projects that demonstrate a commitment to canopy expansion, including improved outcomes for health, sustainability and climate adaptation.

Grant rounds

Since 2019, the grant program has funded the delivery of 110 tree planting and demonstrations projects. These projects will result in over 85,000 new trees planted in areas where they are most needed, creating greener, shadier and more attractive suburbs across Sydney.

In June 2022, additional funding of $700,000 was made available to councils across Greater Sydney to help remedy the impacts that recent storms and floods has had on tree-planting efforts.

2021 Greening our City grant

The third round of grant funding has awarded more than $9.9 million to 28 projects in 23 councils across Greater Sydney.

2020 Greening our City grant

The second round of grant funding awarded $10.2 million to 50 projects in Greater Sydney.

2019 Five Million Trees grant

This first round of grant funding awarded over $5.3 million to 32 projects across 20 councils in Greater Sydney.

Greener Neighbourhoods grant program 2021-2022

Up to $1.65 million was made available to all 33 Greater Sydney councils through a non-competitive grant program. Each council was able to apply for up to $50,000 of funding within the available funding categories: data, policy, community engagement and private land canopy.

Map of successful grant projects

You can find more details about the 2021 successful grant projects using the following interactive map.

Note: You can view a larger version of the interactive map.

More information

The grant program is being administered by Local Government NSW on behalf of the department. For enquiries or more information, contact the team via email.