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Greening our City grant program

2021 Greening our City grant

The 2021 round of grant funding has awarded more than $9.9 million in grant funding to 28 projects in 23 councils across Greater Sydney. As a result, Greater Sydney will have over 20,000 newly planted trees to boost urban tree canopy where there is low canopy coverage.

The funding will help projects addressing canopy deficits by planting trees in suburbs with low canopy cover and increased exposure to heat. Planting more trees to enhance tree canopy will provide vital shade that reduces ambient temperatures for local communities and help mitigate the urban heat-island effect.

Some projects include:

  • Delivering trees along infrastructure corridors and through industrial estates in Penrith LGA. Residential and business communities will be engaged throughout the project to increase awareness of the value of canopy and cooling.
  • Establishing trees across six sporting precincts and shared pathways in the Campbelltown LGA to benefit everyone.
  • Increasing tree planting on public parks and open space targeting areas requested by residents at Canada Bay. A number of demonstration sites with street tree planting projects will also provide case study opportunities.

Importantly, the funding provides councils the support to plant trees in the ground and also ensure a successful establishment period of 12-months. Councils then continue to care for the trees as part of their routine maintenance programs.

Full list of successful projects

  • Bayside Council:
    • Cooling Bayside - $352,675
  • Blacktown City Council:
    • May Cowpe Reserve,Tree Planting Project - $250,000
    • Open Space Tree Planting 2022 - $350,000
    • Greener rail, greater journeys - $500,000
  • Blue Mountains City Council
    • Canopy Renewal to Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect - $116,310
  • Burwood Council
    • Burwood’s 500 Magnificent Trees - $210,450
  • Camden Council
    • Canopy Enhancement - Kirkham Park & Works Depot - $75,000
    • Building Camden's Canopy - Parks and Open Space - $370,000
  • Campbelltown City Council
    • Shade for Shared Pathways and Sports Precincts - $952,000
  • Canterbury Bankstown Council
    • Urban Heat Response Canopy Growth Program - $400,000
  • City of Canada Bay Council
    • Grow our Canopy - $970,500
  • City of Parramatta Council
    • Parramatta CBD Tree Planting - $450,000
  • City of Sydney
    • Greening our parks - $1,302,145
  • City of Ryde
    • Implementation of the Street Tree Masterplan - $250,000
  • Cumberland City Council
    • 1,000 Trees for Cumberland City - $434,194
  • Fairfield City Council
    • Fairfield City Community Tree Planting - $64,000
  • Hawkesbury City Council
    • Cooling the Hawkesbury - $382,000
  • Hornsby Shire Council
    • Greening Hornsby - $195,000
  • Lane Cove Council
    • Park Remnant Replacements - $54,000
  • Mosman Council
    • Mosman Council Street Tree Planting Program 2021 - $110,000
  • Northern Beaches Council
    • Reduction heat Island effect and Greening of Brookvale industrial area - $134,937
  • Penrith City Council
    • Penrith LGA Tree Planting - $415,000
    • Jamison Pk and Great West Walk - Melaleuca Pk - $122,000
    • Industrial Estates and Corridors - $705,000
  • Strathfield Council
    • Strathfield Street Forest - $311,320
  • Waverley Council
    • Cooler Streetscapes, Green Future - $50,000
  • Wollondilly Shire Council
    • Master Plan Tree Plantings - $267,422
  • Woollahra Municipal Council
    • Greening Woollahra 2021 - $150,000

Map of successful grant projects

You can find more details about the 2021 successful grant projects using the following interactive map.

Note: You can view a larger version of the interactive map.

For more information about other Greening our City grant projects, visit our webpage.

Grant supporting materials

For an overview of the 2021 grant application process, read the following information:

Greening our City Grant program guidelines and frequently asked questions

The Greening our City Grant Program guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide further details about the application process.

Online spatial tool

An online spatial tool and user guide were developed to assist in the submission and assessment of grant applications. The tool provides access to data about urban canopy cover, urban heat islands and heat vulnerability indices.

Watch our online tutorial about the Online Spatial Tool.

Water efficiency report

A water efficiency study was commissioned to provide guidance for councils to support responsible tree planting. Applicants were encouraged to draw on this study as part of their application.

Canopy cover range

The allocation of funding for the 2021 grant round prioritised suburbs with lower canopy levels. Outcomes of this assessment will be compared with projects in similar canopy ranges to determine the recommended funding allocation.

More information

This grant round is being administered by Local Government NSW on behalf of the department. For enquiries or more information, contact the team via email.