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Greening our City


Partnerships highlights

Partnerships play an important role in helping us deliver the Greening our City Premier’s Priority.

We have partnered with organisations, local government and businesses to deliver healthier, happier and more resilient communities by making greener places and great public spaces.

Our partnerships are greening Sydney by:

  • supporting tree-planting at public places, including schools and hospitals
  • encouraging innovative tree-planting practices to enhance urban tree canopy
  • helping inspire individuals to play a part and plant trees in their own backyard
  • bringing community together at tree-planting events
  • celebrating tree-planting contributions from private organisations
  • championing cross-government collaboration to green Greater Sydney as part of the Secretaries’ pledge.
Contact us

If you're interested in discussing partnership opportunities, contact: greeningourcity@planning.nsw.gov.au

Partnership programs

We have partnered with Landcare NSW, Greening Australia, Planet Ark, IndigiGrow and Bunnings Warehouse to help deliver on the Premier’s Priority to plant one million trees within Greater Sydney by the end of 2022.

Programs made possible by working together:
  • Cooling the Schools program - in partnership with Greening Australia
  • Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney - in partnership with Landcare NSW
  • Proud category partner of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day from 2020-2022
  • Free tree giveaway

50 school milestone reached for Cooling the Schools

In partnership with the Department of Education and Greening Australia, the Cooling the Schools program has reached a wonderful milestone. The program will deliver more than 36,000 trees and plants for 180 schools and community spaces.

Register your school to participate in the program and help create a greener future.

Our partners

Landcare NSW

The partnership with Landcare NSW will deliver 100,000 trees in areas of Sydney with low canopy cover. We will work with Landcare and Greater Sydney Landcare Network to identify strategic corridors and sites that would benefit from additional tree canopy cover. Landcare will also work with landowners, universities and local nurseries to identify the most appropriate trees to be planted on each site.

Greening Australia

The partnership with Greening Australia involves working with schools and communities to plant 72,000 trees across parks, schools and community spaces across Greater Sydney, delivering the Cooling the Schools program. We are working with the Department of Education and Western Sydney University to identify opportunities for planting in schools, prioritising those schools with low levels of canopy cover and shade.

Planet Ark

The Greening our City Premier’s Priority is proud to be a Category Partner of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day from 2020-2022. This sponsorship recognises the close alignment between the Premier’s Priority objectives and those of the most recognised community tree-planting event in Australia. As part of this partnership, the department donated 10,000 trees towards Planet Ark’s Seedling Bank in 2020, an initiative of National Tree Day that provides community groups access to seedlings through grant funding.


From March to May 2021, we proudly partnered with IndigiGrow – an all Aboriginal owned, staffed and run nursery in La Perouse for our free tree giveaway. IndigiGrow grows local native plants and bushfoods which creates training and employment opportunities for young Aboriginal staff and provides a place for the community to connect with cultural knowledge.
Our partnership with IndigiGrow brought 7,242 trees to 2,437 households in Greater Sydney, so far.

Bunnings Warehouse

In 2020 and 2021, we have collaborated with Bunnings for our free tree giveaway, making free trees available to more than 19,250 households in Greater Sydney.  The free tree giveaway helps inspire individuals to plant more trees in their own backyard to reach the one million new trees in the ground by the end of 2022.