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Greening our city
Secretaries' Pledge

Agency Secretaries from eight NSW Government agencies, including the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Transport for NSW, and NSW Health, have made a collaborative commitment (PDF 573 KB) to deliver the Greening our City Premier’s Priority.

As leaders of service delivery agencies with the state’s biggest employer, pledges from these Secretaries represent collective support and buy-in towards the ongoing expansion of tree canopy and green cover in NSW. Each Department will contribute to increasing tree canopy in NSW by 2022.

The Secretaries recognise the importance of tree canopy and green cover in NSW and commit to:

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Support our staff to plant and register trees by sponsoring tree planting events, providing nursery vouchers as prizes or awards, and other activities identified by our Departments.

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Record all trees planted by projects led by our Departments in Greater Sydney and report on all new plantings every six months.

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Promote opportunities for participation in tree planting events, such as National Tree Day.

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Identify Department-specific projects that can contribute to the expansion of tree canopy and green cover.

To create a sustainable, liveable and cool Greater Sydney, we need trees and green cover. More trees mean more shade, cleaner air and more beautiful places to live.

Our pledge

On behalf of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Secretary Jim Betts, specifically pledges to:

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Embed improved tree planting and retention settings in the planning system to support expansion of urban tree canopy and green cover.

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Identify Government-owned land that can be used to establish an urban forest across Greater Sydney.

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Support community engagement initiatives for urban greening.

NSW Health

In October 2020, NSW Health and Department of Planning, Industry and Environment partnered with Landcare NSW and Fairfield City Council to plant 1200 trees at Fairfield Hospital. The new greenery provides health benefits to patients and the community, while creating habitat to protect our native plants and animals.

For more information on the Secretaries' commitment, read the Greening our city: Secretaries’ Pledge (PDF 573 KB)