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Register your tree

We want to work with everyone across Sydney in greening our city. We can't do it alone so join us and your community in planting a tree, big or small, and register today to make it count.

Make your home and local area greener

You can make your home and local area a greener, cooler, more beautiful place to live. It’s as easy as planting greenery in your garden or on your balcony.

Just a few saplings and small trees will make your home cooler and more private, with flowers and fruit to enjoy. Greenery will also improve your air and water quality.

Find a space or pot to plant a fruit or shade tree to help make your immediate space greener and more appealing.

Register your planting

Location (or nearest address) - this is where you planted the tree.

Map of trees registered

We've developed a map that identifies the total number of trees planted and registered across Greater Sydney suburbs under the Greening our City Premier’s Priority.

Registrations include trees planted through initiatives such as:

  • Planet Ark’s National Tree Day
  • Greening our City and Five Million Trees Grant Programs
  • Council tree planting programs
  • Plantings on NSW-Government owned land (e.g. Western Sydney Parklands)
  • Community members planting trees on their land

The map shows the whole-of-community contribution to expanding tree canopy across Greater Sydney and will be updated in line with the tally that is tracking our progress to planting one million trees by the end of 2022.

Enlarge map