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Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Aboriginal people have occupied the Hunter Valley for tens of thousands of years. Culturally important heritage sites, places and landscapes on Country being an essential part of their identity.

Rock face with art.

Aboriginal management strategy

The Department has an Aboriginal Outcomes Strategy, building on the all encompassing concept of Our Place on Country. It is considered a journey of acknowledging, integrating and partnering with Aboriginal communities.

The scheme is managed with the following:

Mission statement

To acknowledge, integrate and partner with the Aboriginal community for works undertaken in the Hunter catchment for the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme.

These objectives are being achieved by the team’s consultation and partnership with Local Aboriginal Land Councils through it’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Strategy (DPE 2020) by:

  • The identification of Aboriginal cultural and spiritual values and Aboriginal objects, sites and places.
  • Working in partnership with relevant Local Aboriginal Land Councils in the promotion, protection and sharing of Aboriginal culture and heritage through research opportunities and collaborative research and history projects.
  • Working with LALCs and knowledge holders to explore opportunities for conservation and protection of Aboriginal and historic places, objects and values in the landscape by avoiding harm to these values and places and through proactive consultation to care and revitalise connections to cultural and historical heritage.

Report damage

To report any damage to the Hunter valley Flood Mitigation Scheme please use the QR code below or contact us.

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