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Regional water strategies in New South Wales

Objectives of regional water strategies

Regional water strategies will set out a long-term ‘roadmap’ of actions to deliver five objectives.

Long-term 'roadmap' of actions to deliver the five objectives

Regional water strategies will set out a long-term ‘roadmap’ of actions to deliver five objectives. Options selected for inclusion in the final strategy for each region will need to address at least one of these objectives. We aim to develop a balanced package of options that achieves all of these objectives.

Deliver and manage water for local communities

Improve water security, water quality and flood management for regional towns and communities.

Enable economic prosperity

Improve water access reliability for regional industries.

Recognise and protect Aboriginal water rights, interests and access to water

Including Aboriginal heritage assets.

Protect and enhance the environment

Improve the health and integrity of environmental systems and assets, including by improving water quality.


Identify least cost policy and infrastructure options.

The regional water strategies will integrate and align with other NSW Government programs such as the NSW Water Strategy (in development) the whole of government drought response, long term land use plans for regional NSW, water resource plans, long term watering plans and the Safe and Secure Water Program which provides options to address local-level issues. Learn more about the relationship between regional water strategies and water sharing plans.

Development of regional water strategies was a commitment made by the NSW Government in its response to the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2018.

The Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund is helping to support the development of regional water strategies as part of its focus on water security for regional NSW.

We recognise the impact that the current drought, bush fires and COVID-19 are having on our regional communities and will be flexible in the way we work with councils and communities in the development of the strategies.

Regional Water Strategies Guide

Outlining our approach to the sustainable and integrated management of water resources of the State for the benefit of both present and future generations.

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Read more about regional water strategies and how we are working to improve the resilience of our water resources and balancing different water needs.

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Read more about the relationship between regional water strategies and water sharing plans

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