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Smart Places use technology and information to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for people and places.

Our vision is to deliver  outcomes for citizens and businesses by applying for a consistent, seamless, placed-based approach to Smart Places implementation in NSW.

What makes smart places smart?

Join us on the journey of creating smart places across NSW, by watching the What makes smart places smart? video.

Find out more about Smart Places projects, programs and tools

How Smart Places work

Learn all about how Smart Places work.

Smart Places: How Smart Places work

Smart Places Strategy

The NSW Smart Places Strategy was launched in 2020 to guide our work.

SmartNSW Roadmap 2022-2027

We are mapping out a forward work plan for SmartNSW. Have your say today.

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The State of SmartNSW

Find out about smart places in NSW, by reading the State of Smart – insights report.

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Smart Places Customer Charter

The NSW Government is committed to working with communities to deliver technology solutions.

Smart Places: Customer Charter and Privacy

Smart Places Programs

Work is underway to design and deliver smart places in NSW.

Smart Places in Action - Programs

Smart Places Playbook

The Playbook provides you a process and tools for identifying and deploying smart solutions; helping you achieve the ambitions of a place

Tools to deliver Smart Places

Smart Places Advisory Council

The Smart Places Advisory Council supports implementation of the NSW Smart Places agenda.

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Smart Places Acceleration Program

The $45m Smart Places Acceleration Program is helping place owners apply innovative smart technologies and capabilities.

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Smart Public Spaces Guide

The NSW Smart Public Spaces Guide introduces the role of technology in delivering better public space outcomes for communities.

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Smart Places Masterclass Series

View webinars of the 12-part Masterclass Series hosted by the Australian computer Society in the lead up to the NSW Smart Places Summit.

ACS Smart Places webinar series

Smart Places Summit

Join industry, government and place owners sharing strategies and insights for creating smart places.

Smart City Innovation Challenges

Finding leading edge solutions to Government’s problems through Smart City Innovation Challenges.

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