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Smart Places

Smart Places Strategy

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is not simply embracing new technology but about a change in thought and the way we innovate. Our vision for NSW is built on a commitment to world-class modern infrastructure, smart communities and technological innovation to improve the quality of life for communities across NSW.

Smart Places bring the physical and digital together, meaning citizens, businesses, partners and the public service workforce can go Beyond Digital from local streets and suburbs in our regional and metropolitan areas as well as our cities.

The Smart Places Strategy PDF, 1359.17 KB aligns with related initiatives from the Australian Government, local councils throughout NSW, as well as delivery partners in the private sector. Together, we will take a place-based approach to smart cities and connected infrastructure and services and realise the real value of smart places and interconnected systems.

Acknowledgment of Traditional Owners

In implementing Smart Places across NSW, the Government acknowledges and respects the traditional owners of our lands, and Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise the strong connections to land and place held by Aboriginal people and we will work with them to honour their customs and culture as our work is delivered.


Delivering outcomes for citizens and businesses by applying a consistent, seamless, placed-based approach to Smart Places implementation in NSW.

Introducing Smart Places

Smart Places use technology and data driven solutions to improve the quality of life for communities across NSW. Learn more about the vision for smart places in NSW and the strategic context.


Delivering outcomes for customers

Smart Places have the customer at the centre and deliver benefits for citizens, businesses and communities. Learn more about the outcomes that will be delivered.


Implementing Smart Places

The NSW Government is taking steps to achieve the vision for Smart Places. Learn more about the actions underway.


Industry response

See what industry has had to say about our Smart Places Strategy.