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Our Policies

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct (PDF, 779.5 KB) sets out how we work at the department. The Code, along with other policies, are used by staff in their day-to-day operations.

Policy nameDescription
Aboriginal Participation Strategy 2019/2021 (PDF, 2457.66 KB) This strategy provides direction the expectations of the department in the implementation of the NSW Government Aboriginal Procurement Policy.
Acceptable Use Policy
(PDF, 208.53 KB)
This policy complements the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and supports the requirements set out within the Information Security Management System (ISMS) so that the department can achieve its information security objectives.
Access Control Policy
(PDF, 214.18 KB)
This policy describes the department’s approach to managing authentication as it relates to business systems and ICT services.
Asset Management Policy (PDF, 219.47 KB) The Asset Management Policy sets out the core management practices that support the management of non-financial assets within the department. This policy aligns with the NSW Treasury’s Asset Management Policy (TPP19-07).
Business Continuity Management Policy (PDF, 194.81 KB) This policy outlines the requirements for the management of business continuity in the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.
Child Safe Workplace Policy (PDF, 178.22 KB) This policy promotes the safety, welfare and well-being of children and puts measures in place to protect them.
Conflict of interests requirements relating to the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme Protocol
(PDF, 322.95 KB)
This Protocol sets out mandatory requirements to address integrity risks and establish rules for the consistent management of conflict of interests for employees (including external contractors, consultants and contingent workers) with a defined interest in the Biodiversity Offset Scheme.
COVID-19 Vaccination in the Workplace Policy (PDF, 215.37 KB) This policy outlines the department's COVID-19 vaccination requirements.
Cryptography Policy
(PDF, 161.41 KB)
This policy describes the approach of the department to securing sensitive information via approved algorithms and protocols for implementation based upon an identified need.
Cyber Security Policy
(PDF, 214.08 KB)
This policy defines the department’s management intent, obligations, framework, objectives, exemptions, and roles and responsibilities for the management of assets in regard to cyber security.
External Service-Related Complaints Policy (PDF, 150.22 KB) This policy sets out the principles and commitments in complaint handing and ensure that complaints and feedback received are being managed inline with these principles and commitments.
Fleet Motor Vehicle and Driving for Work Policy
(PDF, 129.51 KB)
Motor vehicles are a major asset for the Department. The Policy provides guidelines for managing the asset.
Fraud and Corruption Control Policy (PDF, 264.05 KB) This policy outlines the arrangements through which the department minimises the incidence and impact of fraud and corruption.
Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol
(PDF, 3132.99 KB)
Our Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol guides department staff on respectfully engaging with First Nations peoples and protecting their cultural heritage, knowledge and expressions.
Lobbying policy (PDF, 179.87 KB)The Lobbying policy outlines the department's requirements when engaging with registered third-party lobbyists and business contacts. This includes record-keeping procedures and the publication of meeting records.
Managing Unsatisfactory Performance Policy (PDF, 88.78 KB)The purpose of this Policy is to give effect to multiple requirements when dealing with unsatisfactory performance by employees of the Department of Planning and Environment.
Media Policy
(PDF, 218.9 KB)
This policy sets out protocols for interactions with the media, responding to media enquiries and ensuring information provided to media is consistent and accurate
Misconduct Policy (PDF, 93.79 KB)This Policy outlines the minimum requirements for dealing with behaviour that is contrary to the Code and the department’s policies and procedures.
Mobile Device Policy - Departmental and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
(PDF, 262.57 KB)
The purpose of this policy is to provide high level directives on the use, deployment, and maintenance of mobile devices within the the department and any agency utilising our services.
Organisational Compliance Policy
(PDF, 168.59 KB)

This policy outlines how the department complies with legislative and regulatory obligations in the performance of its functions.

Privacy (Data) Breach Policy PDF, 331.32 KBThe purpose of this policy is to set out the requirements for mandatory notification of certain privacy breaches.
Privacy Management Plan (PDF, 1272.74 KB) This plan sets out the measures the adopting agencies take to comply with the PPIP Act and the HRIP Act to protect the privacy of our clients, staff and others about whom we hold personal and health information.
Protocol for the Planning Secretary's step-in-powers (PDF, 232.37 KB)

The Planning Secretary’s step-in powers allow the Secretary to act on behalf of an approval body or concurrence authority to grant approval and issue general terms of its approval for integrated development and development requiring concurrence.

The Protocol for the Planning Secretary’s step-in powers (the Protocol) is required to operationalise these step-in powers. The Protocol provides clarity for when the Secretary’s involvement takes place and outlines the process for how the step-in powers can be used.

The Protocol also outlines the principles for effective working relationships between the Department of Planning and Environment and other NSW government agencies while encouraging timely processing of development applications through improved communications, proactive consideration of issues, and transparent, and effective inter-agency procedures.

Public Interest Disclosure Policy ( PDF, 257.89 KB) This policy is to establish an internal reporting system for staff to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.
Purchasing Card (PCard) Policy (PDF, 212.09 KB) This policy specifies the requirements for using PCards and Virtual Cards, it also identifies the accountability requirements for employees and people leaders.
Records and Information Management Policy (PDF, 286.14 KB) Our Records and Information Management Policy outlines appropriate measures to create and capture records of activities, decisions and actions made by all employees in the course of their work.
Related Party Disclosure Policy (PDF, 160.09 KB) This policy outlines the approach the Department of Planning and Environment will take in determining how compliance with the Australian Accounting Standard AASB 124 Related Party Disclosures (AASB 124) and the subsequent New South Wales Treasury Circular TC 16-12 Related Party Disclosures occurs.
Remote Access Security Policy
(PDF, 162.65 KB)
This policy describes the department’s approach to safeguarding sensitive information and information systems via approved remote access.
Risk Management Policy (PDF, 163.47 KB) This policy outlines the department’s approach to risk management and prescribes a minimum set of risk management standards for all business areas across the DPIE Cluster.
Supplier Relationship Policy
(PDF, 160.29 KB)
This policy describes the department’s approach to ensure the systems being developed, maintained or procured externally to the Department are secure.
System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance Policy
(PDF, 167.9 KB)
This policy describes the approach of the department to ensuring the security of a system over its entire life cycle to protect information and systems from unauthorised disclosure, theft, modification, or destruction.
Work Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 84.67 KB) Our Work Health and Safety Policy clearly sets out the department's commitment to WHS, and that WHS is an integral consideration in all of the department's operations.

Many other policies are deemed suitable for public release and those policies can be found on the following sites:

Gifts, benefits and hospitality register

The department proactively discloses the gifts, benefits, and hospitality offered to our employees, to the value of $50 and over.

The register records the name and organisation of individuals who make offers of gifts, benefits, or hospitality to departmental employees. Please be aware of this when considering offering any gift, benefit, or hospitality to a public official.

View the gifts, benefits and hospitality register.

If you have any questions about the register or the department’s gifts policy please email ethics@dpie.nsw.gov.au.