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Legislation and policies

Information about acts and regulations, our policies, intergovernmental agreements and our role in assessing major developments.

Sheep in a drought stricken paddock.

Acts and regulations

There are two key pieces of legislation that govern the management of water in NSW, the Water Management Act 2000 and the Water Act 1912.

Statutory reporting

Learn about the reporting undertaken by the Department as required under the Water Management Act 2000.

Our role in assessing major developments

Learn about the department’s role in providing advice on major projects which have an impact on water resources and their dependent ecosystems.

Intergovernmental agreements

When there are water management concerns or interests that extend beyond one state or jurisdiction, governments may enter into formal intergovernmental agreements.

Extreme events policy

This policy sets up a framework to manage extreme events in a structured and proactive way. It provides a clear and transparent framework for making decisions during extreme events.

Engagement policy

We recognise that the most effective way to successfully manage water is by collaborating with our stakeholders and the greater community.