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Dam projects

Investigating three dam projects critical to improving the resilience and water supply for regional communities in NSW.

Beautiful panorama landscape of lake and dam surrounded by hills and mountains on sunny day. Wyangala Dam in NSW.

Dam projects across NSW

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to delivering long-term water security projects that improve water security and build the drought resilience of our regional communities.

Dams are critical infrastructure projects that improve water security and reliability by increasing the volume of water that can be stored during wet periods.  This provides crucial long-term water supply, which helps protect against water shortages during drought.

In partnership with the Australian Government, the NSW Government is currently investigating three dams critical to improving the resilience and water supply for regional communities in NSW. These projects have been identified as Critical State Significant Infrastructure under the Water Supply (Critical Needs) Act and work is currently underway to prioritise the development of this proposed infrastructure.

If approved, these dams will be one of the largest investments in water supply infrastructure in NSW and will provide a range of regional communities with more reliable, secure and resilient water supplies for future generations.

New Dungowan Dam and Pipeline

The proposed New Dungowan Dam and Pipeline Project will diversify water sources, increase town water security for Tamworth and maintain the

Dungowan Dam

Mole River Dam

The proposed Mole River Dam would provide better water security for the Border Rivers region by making more water available to communities,

Mole River

Wyangala Dam

The proposed Wyangala Dam Wall Raising Project will provide communities in the Lachlan Valley region with improved water security, increased

Wyangala Dam

Portfolio Delivery Management Partner

Water Infrastructure NSW has partnered with WaterSecure to manage the planning and delivery of the proposed large-scale water infrastructure

Dam wall under construction