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Our purpose

NSW Land and Housing Corporation is actively growing and managing the largest social housing portfolio in Australia.


New training opportunities connected to jobs

The NSW Government is funding new training connected to jobs. Now you have the opportunity for training to build new homes or help to manage

CHP-led Redevelopment on LAHC-owned Land

This policy will guide LAHC's response to Community Housing Provider-led direct approach proposals to redevelop housing on LAHC-owned land.

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LAHC Portfolio Strategy

The LAHC Portfolio Strategy is our 20-year vision and priorities to grow and change our portfolio so we can house more vulnerable people and

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Working together to deliver more new and better social housing

New policies targeted at the community housing sector are making it easier for Community Housing Providers (CHPs) to deliver more social and

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Photograph of social housing tenants

Tenancy hub

If you'd like to apply for social housing in NSW, or are an existing social housing resident with a question or concern, please visit the Tenancy Hub.

Miller Point Social Housing