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Plans and Policies

A range of resources produced by, or in collaboration with, the NSW Land and Housing Corporation that inform and guide our work to deliver new and better social housing across NSW.

Community Housing Providers Direct Dealing Policy

The policy allows registered CHPs to put forward proposals directly to LAHC that contribute to growing social and affordable housing.

View of community housing development.

Domestic Violence Crisis Accommodation Functional Design Brief

The Domestic Violence Crisis Accommodation Functional Design Brief provides best-practice guidelines for the design of crisis accommodation.

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Local Area Analyses

LAHC's Local Area Analyses are a new tool to support our long-term view across our property portfolio.


New training opportunities connected to jobs

The NSW Government is funding new training connected to jobs. Now you have the opportunity for training to build new homes.

Accelerating the delivery of more than 1,400 social housing properties across NSW

Thousands of new jobs and social housing properties will be created through the NSW Government’s economic recovery strategy with an

LAHC development in Blackett

NSW Housing Strategy

Housing 2041 is the NSW Government’s first ever housing strategy for the State, outlining a 20-year vision for better housing across NSW.

housing strategy

Good Design for Social Housing

Provides guidance for design decisions throughout the development lifecycle to achieve better social housing outcomes in NSW.

Good Design for Social Housing

LAHC Portfolio Strategy

The LAHC Portfolio Strategy is our 20-year vision and priorities to grow and change our portfolio to house more vulnerable people.

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Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW

Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW sets out the NSW Government’s vision for social housing over the next 10 years.

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LAHC Community Housing Provider Asset Management Allocation Policy

The LAHC Community Housing Provider Asset management Allocation policy provides a consistent approach for small-scale management

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LAHC Strategic Tenant Relocations Policy

This policy will guide the Land and Housing Corporation’s approach to strategic relocations of tenants living in LAHC-owned properties.

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Disposal of LAHC Properties Policy

The Disposal of LAHC Properties Policy guides our decision-making on which properties are considered for disposal and how disposals should

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LAHC Procurement Plan

The LAHC Procurement Plan outlines the procurement of projects valued above $10 million.

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LAHC Heating and Cooling Policy

This policy outlines the process for improving the thermal comfort of Land and Housing Corporation properties.

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Asset Management Framework

Requirements and responsibilities for management and maintenance of social housing by CHPs, and how LAHC will support CHPs in this role.

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How to buy a LAHC house

Information, application form and the relevant policy that governs the process of tenants applying to purchase a LAHC house.

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LAHC Property Assessment Survey Policy

This policy explains the Property Assessment Survey process and its role in supporting the LAHC's asset portfolio management.

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