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Modern Methods of Construction

Using Modern Methods of Construction to deliver more homes sooner

As part of its $224 million Essential Housing Package announced in the NSW Budget for the 2023-2024 financial year, the NSW Government is investing $10 million in a Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) program.

The program aims to demonstrate how MMC can be used to deliver quality and permanent social homes faster.

What are Modern Methods of Construction?

MMC refers to the wide variety of construction methods that are different to traditional onsite construction. This includes prefabrication, off-site manufacturing, and modular or volumetric dwellings, as well as new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

MMC is not a singular approach, rather a collection of ‘Methods’ to plan, design, and build within the constantly evolving workforce, supply chain and advanced technological landscape.

Benefits of using MMC in housing include:

  • Reduced construction time to deliver new homes.
  • Factory controlled settings to improve quality.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of designs.
  • Predictability and ability to better plan contingencies. This eliminates unanticipated events from impacting delivery timeframes i.e., weather delays.
  • Sustainability, waste minimisation and eco-friendly.
  • Reducing impact and disruption for neighbours and the community.

Design excellence

Homes NSW is currently working with industry on the use of architecturally designed MMC permanent homes that are compliant with the National Construction Code and Building Sustainability Index (BASIX).

Our focus is to deliver good quality homes that are fit for purpose and well designed. This is why we are working with industry experts, suppliers, peak bodies, architects, tenants, and community representatives to shape our final designs, raise standards, and deliver quality accessible products on an ongoing basis.

Our homes will be designed by architects and builders who are required to follow the design requirements in our good design for social housing guide (PDF, 3.6 MB). Our designs will be carefully selected to ensure future proofing and longevity, liveability, ease of maintenance, adaptability, and comfort.

Our focus

Building the right kind of homes

The demonstration projects will provide the right size homes, in the right locations to accommodate changing tenant demographics including increasing the need for smaller homes.

Homes for teachers sooner

Homes NSW also supports rural and remote communities by providing and maintaining housing for teachers and members of the NSW Police Force. Rural and remote communities experience challenges including trade shortages, access to labour, material availability. MMC offers the opportunities to build high quality, climate responsive permanent homes faster.

Forward-thinking research and development

Homes NSW is working with the Building 4.0 Cooperate Research Centre (CRC) to demonstrate how MMC can be adopted to deliver more medium density social housing homes, increasing speed, efficiency, tenant outcomes and value for money.

Building 4.0 CRC is an industry-led research initiative co-funded by the Australian Government. The research centre aims to develop an internationally competitive, dynamic, and thriving Australian advanced manufacturing sector.

Transforming the way, we are delivering homes: Industry Taskforce

The NSW Government Modern Methods of Construction Taskforce (the MMC Taskforce) has been established to help drive, shape, and demonstrate the use and potential for off-site manufacturing in NSW Government housing projects. Check our industry taskforce page for more information.

Collaborate with us

We are always looking to collaborate with the sector to innovate and deliver more good quality homes faster and which are cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient.

We are interested to hear from suppliers who can provide quality design and manufacturing services for volumetric and kit of parts. Get in touch with us via the contact form.

MMC Procurement List is now open:

We are looking forward to hearing from suppliers who are interested to work with Homes NSW to deliver more homes.

The procurement list SCM5862 Modern Methods of Construction will be used for housing projects delivered by Homes NSW.

This list covers products and services for residential development across the following manufacture supply categories:

  • Pre-manufactured 3D primary structural systems (volumetric or modular)
  • Pre-manufactured 2D primary structural systems (kit of parts)
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Pre-manufactured - non-structural assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Information from applicants will also be sought regarding the provision of:

  • Delivery/Transport services (of the products)
  • Site connection/installation (of the products)
  • Different dwelling types that can be delivered using these products.

Further information is contained in the Applicant Guidelines and Conditions for Participation.

For any questions, please email Homes NSW Procurement at HomesNSW-HP-Procurement@homes.nsw.gov.au

Suppliers who wish to register can do so through the Supplier Hub at buy NSW.

More information

For more information, read our MMC frequently asked questions.