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A vision for housing in local areas

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is developing new tools to support its long-term view across our property portfolio. These tools help provide a framework and direction to deliver the LAHC Portfolio Strategy.

Our purpose is to ensure we have a housing portfolio that reflects the needs of people across NSW.

Place-based strategies, such as the Local Area Analyses and Regional Area Analyses, help us better understand what stock we have, where it is located, its condition, and what opportunities are available for redevelopment, sale or long-term retention.

This analysis considers the current state of the portfolio, where opportunities lie, and the changing needs of our community over the next 20 years. Taking a long-term view of local government areas across the State, we are able to make better decisions on how best to manage not only our portfolio but support the communities that live in them.

Getting the balance right

LAHC will continue to work with local councils, other government agencies, CHPs and communities right across NSW to ensure we get the balance right. As part of LAHC’s development of these Analyses, we have been engaging with both councils and Community Housing Providers.

These stakeholders have the local, on the ground experiences, and are critical to ensuring that we can strategically plan for the future of social housing over the next twenty years.

By bringing everyone together early in the process, we can ensure that we are getting the balance right from the start.

Local area analyses

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