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Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW

Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW sets out the Government’s vision for social housing from 2016 to 2025. It is underpinned by 3 strategic priorities:

  • more social housing
  • more opportunities, support and incentives to avoid and/or leave social housing
  • a better social housing experience.

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By 2025, Future Directions seeks to transform the social housing system in NSW from one dominated by public sector ownership, control and financing of assets and provision of services in which tenants have little incentive for greater independence and live in circumstances that concentrate disadvantage, to a dynamic and diverse system characterised by:

  • greater involvement of private and non-government partners in financing, owning and managing a significantly expanded stock of social and affordable housing
  • expanded support in the private rental market, reducing demand on social housing and the social housing wait list
  • more competition and diversity in the provision of tenancy management services through the expanded capacity and capability of community housing providers
  • housing assistance being seen as a pathway to independence and an enabler of improved social and economic participation for tenants living in vibrant and socio-economically diverse communities.