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Arncliffe approval to deliver housing boost

Arncliffe approval to deliver housing boost

The transformation of a vibrant new mixed housing community is a step closer, with almost 750 new homes approved for construction at Arncliffe – which includes a significant new social housing element.

The NSW Government is partnering with private developer Billbergia Group and not-for-profit community housing provider Evolve Housing to deliver the housing boost.

Incoming NSW Land and Housing Corporation Chief Executive Simon Newport said the $253 million redevelopment is a leading example of how partnerships can deliver increased housing across the state.

“This is what can be achieved when we collaborate with the private and not-for-profit sectors. At no cost to the taxpayer, we’ll deliver both an increase to the supply of new social and private housing,” Mr Newport said.

“Just a stone’s throw from Arncliffe train station, we’ll see 180 homes for people in need and 564 new private dwellings delivered, supported by new local infrastructure, retail shops, community facilities and open space.

Billbergia Group Managing Director John Kinsella said the Arncliffe project is the third to be delivered in partnership with NSW Land and Housing Corporation.

“Projects like these demonstrate how government and private sectors can work together to deliver social housing by taking a true long-term community view,” Mr Kinsella said.

“We’re looking forward to transforming the dated social housing into a thriving new community which blends private and social housing into a vibrant precinct containing over 4,000 sqm of parklands and open space.”

Earlier, during the height of the pandemic, many of the existing social housing units marked for demolition and redevelopment had their life extended for use as emergency housing, as development works slowed across the industry due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Mr Newport said the temporary extension for emergency housing offered an opportunity to assist more people on the waitlist transition into permanent housing.

“For a short-term investment in updating and refreshing each property back in 2020, we were able to provide short-term accommodation to assist the new tenants towards positive outcomes, including suitable new housing,” he said.

“Instead of the units sitting vacant while waiting for lockdowns to end, we were able to give almost 140 households on the social housing waitlist a leg-up towards permanent housing.