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New proposal to transform South-West Sydney suburb

Almost 30 hectares of land in south-west Sydney will be completely transformed to deliver around 3,900 new homes, under a new masterplan that is expected to generate more than $2 billion of local investment and create around 11,000 jobs.

Under the proposal, the rezoning would allow for more open space, greater community facilities, a better-connected street network, improved pedestrian and cycle links, and increases to building heights and housing redevelopment potential.

Incoming NSW Land and Housing Corporation Chief Executive Simon Newport said the project would follow on from the neighbouring Washington Park redevelopment, which is located to the north of Riverwood.

“We want to build on the great success of Washington Park, which in 2017 was transformed into a blended mix of social, affordable and private housing within a beautiful parkland setting,” Mr Newport said.

“The current proposal for Riverwood would see us deliver a mix of around 3,900 new social and private homes over the next 15-20 years, which means there will be a steady pipeline of work for thousands of people across the building industry.”

Mr Newport said the proposed renewal of the former housing estate goes far beyond just replacing the bricks and mortar.

“As more people choose to call Riverwood home, we will see greater support for local businesses and shops, particularly small businesses, and that will encourage further commercial and retail interest in the region, creating more local jobs,” he said.

“With the feedback taken from our most recent consultation period informing this new masterplan, we’re now able to give the community the opportunity to see how their voice has shaped the vision for Riverwood.

“Importantly, the community will be able to reflect on the masterplan and offer another round of feedback.”

To view the draft masterplan and give your feedback before the exhibition period closes on 11 September 2022, visit the Riverwood web page.