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Slashing social housing power bills with rooftop solar

Image of social housing with solar panels
Image of a Land and Housing Corporation property with newly installed rooftop solar in the NSW Far West

Over 1,500 social housing properties across NSW were retrofitted with rooftop solar panels in 2021, helping social housing tenants in those properties slash their power bills by up to $1,000 per year.

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation's (LAHC) targeted solar program has seen 5,300 social housing households across 77 local government areas receive solar panels since 2017. Another 750 social housing households will be receiving solar panels by June 2022.

Over 2,000 properties have also received an energy efficient air conditioner or other maintenance upgrades such as a new roof or tree-trimming to accommodate the solar panels.

Image of social housing with solar panels
Recently installed rooftop solar on social housing in Dubbo.

The solar program is part of LAHC's commitment to increasing the number and quality of social housing properties available to those in NSW who need it most.

The program was accelerated through the NSW Government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus measures that have provided an extra $247 million for social housing maintenance and upgrades, including for the installation of solar panels and air conditioners.

The social housing properties with newly installed solar panels join more than 484,000 homes and businesses who have already installed rooftop solar across NSW.

LAHC’s Heating and Cooling Policy provides more details on how we are improving our properties. Read the policy.

For more information on how LAHC is managing and maintaining over 125,000 homes for people in need visit our Maintenance page.

Image of a contractor installing a new air conditioner in a Land and Housing Corporation property
Contractor installs a new air conditioning unit in a social housing property