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External view of new apartment block
External view of LAHC development in Gosford.




Beane St, Gosford

Proposed new homes:

41 social housing apartments

New tenants:

Up to 50 new residents

Construction cost:

$15.34 million construction cost

Apartment kitchen
New kitchen at LAHC development in Gosford.

Project updates

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) has partnered with Mono Constructions on a seven-storey, 41 apartments comprising of 21 two-bedroom and 20 one-bedroom units.

The site is within the Gosford central business district, close to Gosford train station, Gosford Hospital, Gosford High School and Gosford Public School. It includes basement parking for 19 vehicles, bicycle and motorbike spaces as well as landscaping. Rooftop solar has also been incorporated into the design.

Gosford city centre is undergoing significant transformation into a high density residential area, with development of varying scales. This is in line with the NSW Government’s objectives to revitalise and grow the centre.

View from apartment balcony
View from balcony in LAHC development in Gosford.

The development responds to the desired future character of the area and will form a positive contribution to the streetscape while contributing to the desired outcomes of State and Local Government strategic planning policies to provide higher density development in well located areas.

As the development is valued at more than $10 million, and is located in the Gosford city centre, the Minister for Planning was the consent authority.

This development was part of the third tranche of the NSW Government’s fast-tracked assessment process, which is designed to stimulate economic activity.

Around 77 jobs were created as part of this project.

Apartment bathroom
New bathroom in LAHC development in Gosford.