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New water infrastructure to help drought-proof Mungindi and deliver water to Ashley

Mungindi has switched on a new permanent $325,000 water cooling tower to ensure the town’s 600 residents will continue to have safe and high-quality drinking water during weather extremes.

The project marks a significant milestone for the town, which relies on bore water during drought and flooding emergencies. However, bore water can reach temperatures of more than 50 degrees and needs to be cooled before it can be treated and pumped to households.

In 2019, Council installed a temporary cooling tower which supplied 100 per cent of Mungindi’s drinking water during the last drought.

The completion of a new permanent system will help safeguard the town’s water supply for residents, businesses and the community for decades to come, even during prolonged dry periods.

On top of providing emergency supply, the critical infrastructure will also help supplement town drinking water during day-to-day operations.

The NSW Government’s Critical Drought Fund has invested more than $189,000 in the project with a further $136,000 investment from Moree Plains Shire Council.

Further down the road in Ashley, the NSW Government is also investing $4.13 million on top of $2.9 million from Council to deliver potable water to the village’s 300 residents for the first time.

The Ashley Water Supply Scheme as proposed will see construction of an 18km pipeline built from Moree, a new reticulation network, a new pump station, a new chlorination plant, and a new 100kL elevated tank. The infrastructure will provide 0.68ML of water per day to service the needs of the community.

The project is still in the planning stages with construction expected to start later this year.

It marks the latest work to ensure towns across regional NSW continue to have access to safe and secure water supplies and services now and for future generations.

NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Executive Director of Development - Water, Lisa Hingerty said:

“The people of Mungindi can be rest assured their drinking water will continue to be top-notch when they turn on the tap thanks to this critical infrastructure.

“The project in Ashley also marks a huge win for locals, who for the first time will have drinking water delivered directly to their homes from town supply.

“Moree Plains is already prone to drought which is why we’re doing everything we can to safeguard water services now to help the community weather this next dry period.

“That includes ensuring residents, businesses and the entire community will always have a safe and secure water supply, no matter what challenges we face.”

Moree Plains Shire Council Mayor, Mark Johnson said:

“Both the Mungindi and Ashley water projects are wonderful news for these communities.

“To have safe and reliable domestic water supply is a given for many in our nation. Now Mungindi and Ashley will also have this.”

Borepipe flow
Ensuring Mungindi has safe and high-quality drinking water during weather extremes.