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Fairer metering for small water users

Fairer metering for small water users

The NSW Government will make it easier for up to 500 small water users to access water under new rules which deliver more consistency to the Government’s metering policy.

Up to 500 small water users who take water under a domestic and stock water access licence will soon be exempt from non-urban metering rules, fixing an inconsistency in the NSW Government’s metering policy.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said the exemption means the metering rules will apply consistently to small works that take domestic and stock water, regardless of which valley they live in.

“Old rules in some valleys meant small landholders who take water for domestic and stock were required to install metering equipment, while landholders in other valleys were not ” Mrs Pavey said.

“The exemption will apply to pumps smaller than 100mm and bores that are smaller than 200mm, which are used solely to take water under a domestic and stock water access licence.”

The exemption will not apply to works that supply town water, take water from at risk groundwater sources or properties with other metered works. The exemption once drafted will apply until 1 December 2024.

The Department will directly contact water users who will be affected by the exemption.

The exemptions do not impact the Government’s commitment to licence and meter 95 per cent of water take capacity in NSW.

Mrs Pavey urged all water users to contact a certified meter installer now to ensure they’re well on the pathway to compliance when the Natural Resource Access Regulator (NRAR) begin enforcing the new rules.”

Certified meter installers who can advise, order and install the necessary equipment for water users can be found via www.irrigationaustralia.com.au.

The non-urban metering rules compliance dates are:

  • December 1, 2020 – for pumps 500mm and greater in diameter.
  • December 1, 2021- Northern Inland region.
  • December 1, 2022 –Southern Inland region.
  • December 1, 2023 – Coastal NSW.

For more information about the non-urban metering framework, visit https://water.nsw.gov.au/metering.

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Metering in NSW is changing for small water users.