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Water Efficiency Program

School water education resources

We have a range of resources designed to encourage students to investigate what makes water such a precious resource.

Children sitting on the floor learning.

About the resources

Water underpins our everyday lives and is essential for life. Education for younger people on the importance of water and their role in ensuring water security and quality now and into the future, is critical to building value for our precious resource.

Our education resources aim to build on students’ existing knowledge of water with experiments, hands on water efficiency activities and encourages personal commitment to good water management behaviours.

These resources are targeted at primary school aged children. There are six modules covering a range of concepts. All materials provided are available for download.

Wondering about water

Stage 1 – Lessons and resources

These six classroom modules are inquiry-based resources that help connect students with water, discover its unique qualities and build value and care for water.

They can be used in sequence or as stand-alone lessons to complement any water education program. Students will explore, investigate and learn about:

  • water on earth, the water cycle and the urban water cycle
  • the importance of access to clean safe water
  • how we use and care for water.

These resources are adapted with permission from an original resource by Sydney Water Corporation © 2021. You can view the original resource at Sydney Water.

Fountain at Rouse Hill Town Centre, Sydney.

Water and us

Exploring our connection with water.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


Jars of water.

What makes water water

Exploring what makes water a unique and wonderful substance.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


View of Earth with a focus on Australia and Asia.

Water on Earth

Exploring amounts and distribution of water on Earth.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


Terrarium with small green plant.

The water cycle

Exploring the water cycle and how we manage it to meet our needs.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


Water from jug pouring into glass on wooden table outdoors.

Clean safe water

Exploring access to clean safe water.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


Boy watering garden in Burwood Inner West Sydney, NSW.

Using water well

Exploring how we use and save water every day.

Lesson plans

Work sheets


These materials have been provided for educational purposes only and are not for further distribution or commercial benefit. Any requests for further use of the material should be made to Sydney Water. The Department does not guarantee, warrant or represent that the material is free from errors or omission, or that it is exhaustive.

Other water resources

Wherever you are there’s always something new to learn about water. Below are some links to get you started.



Find out about protecting catchments, water storage in Greater Sydney and regional NSW. There are teacher and student resources and you can even plan a visit to a dam.

Environmental and Zoo Education Centres

The Department of Education’s Environmental and Zoo Education Centres are ideal places to learn about water in our environment. You can find one near you and many have online resources, too.  During 2023, the centres are delivering water efficiency programs in 20 schools from 10 different NSW regions.

Metropolitan NSW

These resources are mostly focussed on how water is used and conserved in cities.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water has a range of education resources for students, teachers and the community. Find out about water use and conservation or do a water audit.

Hunter Water

Hunter Water has a range of water education resources including Water Futures Challenge, water audit workbooks and Where’s our Water storybook.

Regional NSW

Getting in touch with your local water utility is the best way to find out where your water comes from. Here’s a few great examples.

Rous County Council

If you live locally you can get involved in a hands-on water education program, or you can download the water watchers resources, including a storybook.

Tamworth Regional Council

Take a virtual tour to find out where Tamworth’s water comes from and how you can help conserve it.

Eurobodalla Shire Council

Primary students can get involved in a water audit program to find out how to save water at home and at school.

Dubbo Regional Council

Learn about Dubbo Regional Council’s water quality and water treatment and smart water devices that help people understand their water and use. Want to learn more? Book an excursion and go behind the scenes to a water filtration or treatment plant.

Central Coast Council

Tap into Central Coast Council’s resources for early childhood, primary and high school students, play the Working with Water game or take a virtual tour of 2 of the Central Coast’s major dams – Mangrove and Mardi dams.