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We’re innovating housing to deliver more keys in doors

Delivering housing is much more than providing people with a roof over their head. Having access to safe housing assists people to pursue health, education and employment opportunities, allowing them to thrive and strengthen the communities where we all live.

At NSW Land and Housing Corporation, our role is to actively grow and manage the supply of the right types of housing, at the right time, in the right areas, for people in need in our communities. We manage the largest portfolio in Australia, with over 125,000 properties.

In 1942, the NSW Housing Commission was established to provide a pathway to home ownership for working families and returned services personnel.

Today, housing is a safety net for people in need who can’t otherwise afford to house themselves. The high demand for social, crisis, transitional and affordable housing, continues to outstrip supply.

So we’re innovating housing to deliver more keys in doors, to provide more safe housing for people in need.

Increasing and accelerating the delivery of housing is our imperative. Under this government and Minister, we have been given a license to innovate. The Portfolio Strategy is our 20-year vision and plan, to grow and change our housing portfolio.

We’re innovating by using data to better understand the needs of the people and families we assist, and the types of housing that are right for them. This understanding guides us to pioneer new ways to deliver a pipeline of safe, well-designed and appropriate properties.

To fund the development of new properties, and to maintain and renew existing properties, we need to generate income. Income is created from the sale of properties that are high-value, high cost to maintain, or at the end of their lifecycle, and from the collection of rent.

We’re innovating housing by building relationships to fund the development of even more properties.

We’re creating and seizing opportunities to collaborate with government and the Aboriginal Housing Office, and partner with industry, developers and community housing providers.  Being part of this continuum enables us to use our collective strengths to increase and accelerate a sustainable supply of housing.

Our work supports a government priority to reduce street homelessness.

We work in every corner of our State from regional NSW to the diverse metropolitan suburbs of Sydney. Beyond the housing we deliver and maintain, we also create jobs and stimulate local economies.

We are proud to innovate, to deliver and to maintain our properties.

We know our work assists people and families in need to feel valued, accepted and included.  This mission motivates us to continually seek new ways to deliver more keys in doors, to provide people in need with a safe place to call home.

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