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Water Efficiency Program

Water saving tips

Every drop of water is precious. There are small things you can continue to do to make a big difference in water conservation.

Save water.

At home

Everyone needs water for drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning, keeping cool, watering gardens and recreational activities. We can be more water efficient by installing appliances throughout our homes which have a high-star water rating label.

Click on the tiles below to discover more ways to save water around your home.

A man and a woman brushing their teeth in the mirror

This is where the most water is used in the home. Discover ways to keep clean while saving water.

A person filling up a black water bottle at the kitchen sink

Whether you're cooking, cleaning, washing or drinking, find out how a busy kitchen is an easy place to save water every day.

Family in the laundry loading the washing machine

In a busy household washing laundry can use a lot of water. Find out some simple ways to use less.

A man watering the garden wit h a metal watering can

We love our gardens. Discover plenty of ways to keep your garden thriving and use water wisely.

A woman washing her car with a sponge and bucket

Looking after your vehicles doesn’t have to use a lot of water. Find out some easy water savings tips that are good for the environment too.

10 mindful habits to help you be more water efficient

How to check your home for water leaks

For business

Find tips and useful information for saving water in your specific industry.  Read about some of the creative ways businesses are saving water and money in the case studies.

Two male building certifiers inspect a building site - Image credit:Christopher Walters

The construction and development industry is in a unique position to influence future water use in Australia.

Washing machines in a commerical laundry - Image credit: Aaron Meacham

Laundries use large volumes of water with potential for significant water efficiency and cost savings.

Workers at a Canola production factory at MSM Milling in Manildra - Image credit: Quentin Jones

The food processing industry uses 28% of the total water used in the Australian manufacturing sector.

A combine harvester in the barley fields being used for silage at Tamworth, NSW - Image credit:Neil Fenelon

Horticulture is extremely important to Australia’s prosperity, both in a rural and urban context.

A person making a coffee - Image credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Conserving water saves money as well as providing an important marketing edge in a very competitive industry.

Men working in a factory

The heavy manufacturing industry is a significant user of water in Australia.

Nursery plants

With large amounts of water use for growing plants, there’s plenty of ways to conserve water and still have a thriving business.

A heap of colourful roles of textiles

The Australian textile, clothing, footwear and leather industry uses about 7% of the total water used in the manufacturing sector.

A bunch of red grapes

Wine production is an important Australian industry.

For schools

Children sitting on the floor learning.

We have a range of resources designed to encourage students to investigate what makes water such a precious resource and find ways to save water.

For local water utilities

Boy having fun playing with water in the garden.

Our best-practice guide provides a framework for local water utilities to deliver water efficiency to their communities.

Interactive water saving tools

The Blue House

Water calculator for NSW