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New homes boost benefits in Blackett


Seniors living in Western Sydney will benefit from a $2.38 million NSW Government investment in eight new social homes in Blackett.

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) Chief Executive, Mick Cassel, welcomed the completion of two new one-bedroom homes and six new two-bedroom homes on Jersey Road in Blackett, near local amenities.

Mr Cassel said the new keys in doors for vulnerable seniors demonstrated the NSW Government’s ongoing uplift in social housing quality with projects delivered by LAHC’s strategic asset-recycling program.

“We’re constantly identifying older homes that no longer meet the needs of tenants and are becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain in order to build more new, modern homes that do a much better job,” he said.

“These new homes not only support the current and future needs of vulnerable people, they also reduce the cost-burden that goes with maintaining older homes.”

Mr Cassel said the NSW Government’s strategic investment also delivered timely economic benefits and jobs in the construction sector.

“This housing renewal project in Blackett has supported 12 jobs and many others just like it are helping to build safer and stronger communities throughout the State, not just Western Sydney,” he said.

The Jersey Road redevelopment includes new landscaping to improve visual amenity and has retained two mature eucalyptus trees, to provide enhanced privacy for tenants and neighbouring properties.

The new homes in Blackett are located near transport and recreational spaces. Six new one-bedroom and six two-bedroom homes are also due for completion in mid-2021 on Murdoch Street, also in Blackett.

Overall, the two are among 50 projects across Western Sydney that will deliver more than 600 new social homes, and create about 1,350 jobs through an estimated investment of about $270 million in construction activity.

These housing renewals form part of the NSW Government’s Future Directions for Social Housing; a plan to build more and better social housing that blends-in with communities.