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Parramatta North Program

Parramatta North


Covering 42-hectares of Government-owned land, the Parramatta North Program is a whole-of-government, major urban renewal initiative and essential enabler in achieving the NSW Government’s vision for the Westmead Health and Innovation District.

On 1 July 2020, the responsibility for the Parramatta North Program, including the Heritage Core, moved into Property & Development NSW, a division of the Housing and Property group within the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Program facts

Program area

Circa 42 hectares (ha)


North Parramatta, Parramatta

Local government area

City of Parramatta

Key facts

  • 45,000 years a Dharug place
  • 17ha of public open space
  • National and State heritage

Delivery timing

  • Late 2020 - target date for University of Sydney agreement
  • Early 2021 - Parramatta Girls Home Memorial & Heritage Garden completed
  • Mid 2021 - NSW Government considers Parramatta North Program Business Case
  • Mid 2021 - subject to NSW Government investment decision, staged delivery of Parramatta North Program
  • Late 2021 - Western Sydney Startup Hub completed

Housing and Property Group

The Parramatta North Program is a whole-of-government, major urban renewal initiative and essential enabler in achieving the NSW Government’s vision for the Westmead Health and Innovation District.

A Program Business Case is currently being prepared to secure ongoing Program funding, that will be considered by the NSW Government in mid-2021.

Current status

In line with the NSW Government’s renewed vision for the future Westmead Health and Innovation District, Government is working on a range of high-level strategies across Parramatta North.

Current priorities

The previous Parramatta North Urban Transformation scheme led by the former UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation was terminated and its associated development approval withdrawn in 2018.

Financial benefits

  • Catalyse the economic growth of the Westmead Health and Innovation District through the delivery of optimal innovation, education, commercial and place outcomes
  • Deliver flexible floor space and attract tenants to support new jobs, skilled career pathways, talent and investment

Non-financial benefits

  • Unlock best-in-class mental health outcomes for Western Sydney through the staged relocation of health services into new and improved facilities
  • Deliver an enhanced range of housing, social, urban and public domain assets for workers, residents and visitors
  • Conserve, sensitively update and activate the national heritage-listed Heritage Core in line with the vision developed by the community in 2018
  • Protect river, environmental and expansive green space assets and foster sustainability outcomes across the site.

Working together

To secure whole-of-government precinct outcomes, the Parramatta North Program team is working collaboratively with multiple NSW Government agencies.

The NSW government agencies, including:

  • Greater Sydney Commission
  • Ministry of Health
  • Health Infrastructure
  • Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
  • NSW Treasury (Precincts)
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Heritage NSW
  • Create NSW
  • Sydney Living Museums
  • Transport for NSW

The Program team will continue to work closely with key partners, stakeholders, industry representatives and the community to achieve government objectives and deliver place-focused outcomes for the Central River City.

What is proposed?

Subject to securing NSW Government funding, the Program will deliver a range of education, research, commercial, cultural and residential outcomes. It will provide important social and community infrastructure in support of the innovation, jobs and skills growth of the future Westmead Health and Innovation District.

The Program will also celebrate and enhance the significant collection of heritage, cultural and environmental assets on site and provide improved connectivity to surrounding parklands, stadium and cultural precincts, to deliver exceptional place outcomes for the Central River City.

Program objectives

The following objectives guide planning for the Parramatta North Program:

  • Stimulate innovation and job creation
  • Support future delivery of best-in-class mental health services and facilities
  • Conserve and revitalise cultural and heritage assets
  • Curate public space and liveability outcomes for the Central River City.