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Land iQ

Land iQ is a world first data platform designed to improve the planning system by helping NSW government agencies make faster, smarter decisions about the use of land.

It uses smart technology to speed up planning processes and help unlock more homes for people by identifying barriers and exploring opportunities to provide practical solutions across the state.

Land iQ brings more than 40 land use data types into one single platform, making it easy to search more than 8 million lots and properties to test the impact of different land use scenarios.

The tool is already being used to support the delivery of temporary housing in Northern NSW as part of the government’s flood response.

It’s a living platform designed to continue to evolve and adapt to the future needs of users, leveraging new digital resources as they become available.

It’s available to NSW Government agencies while we continue to refine the tool and develop license options to make it available to other levels of government, councils, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, researchers and industry.


  • Data library – A comprehensive spatial and government data library including typology assumptions sourced from relevant delivery entities (e.g. School Infrastructure, Health Infrastructure, Landcom).
  • Site search – Advanced multiple-criteria site searching including ownership, size, planning controls, and proximity to services, infrastructure, amenities, constraints and more.
  • Geocentric analysis – A comprehensive analysis of a particular location against benchmarks and other geographies.
  • Scenario planning – Land use scenario analysis to understand impact of change in use across social, economic, environmental and financial metrics.
Two people looking at Land iQ on dual desktop screens.

Land iQ in action

Land iQ is a world first data platform designed to improve the planning system by helping NSW government agencies make faster, smarter decisions about the use of land.


  • 2023 Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) Awards for Planning Excellence:
    Winner – Technology & Digital Innovation category
  • 2023 Australian Property Institute Excellence in Property Awards:
    Winner – Innovation in Property Award

Frequently asked questions

What is Land iQ?

Land iQ is a spatially enabled whole of government strategic land use evaluation tool.

Who developed it?

Property and Development NSW led the development of Land iQ.

This in-house tool has been developed and tested in collaboration with agencies across NSW Government and in partnership with WSP Australia, Giraffe and Aerometrex.

Why was it developed?

There are a significant number of bespoke methodologies, tools and systems used across government for land use analysis. Land iQ brings all of these into one place which will streamline existing planning and pre-development processes.

The tool was developed to reduce the number of related, yet different methodologies and tools used across government to assess the impacts of different land uses and reduce due diligence timeframes and government spending on consultants.

It leverages a common database of inputs and assumptions to inform evidence-based decision making on land use. It enables users to analyse land and property assets in a more consistent and strategic way.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a holistic and strategic approach to land use decision making.
  • Enables evidence-based decision making.
  • Creates a centralised and comprehensive data register of relevant data sources.
  • Provides a robust digital visualisation planning tool which leverages urban analytics to support scenario planning and business cases.
  • Delivers an in-house solution and makes it easier for government to work together with a collaborative environment for sharing projects, datasets and developing scenarios to test potential use of land.
  • Delivers improved community outcomes.

Who can use Land iQ?

The tool is accessible to all NSW Government agencies with a license.

While the platform is currently only available to NSW Government agencies, the plan is to continue to refine the tool and develop license options to make it available more broadly in the future to councils, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, researchers, and industry.

How many datasets are there in the data library?

There are currently over 100 data sources in Land iQ’s spatial data library. This includes an expanding suite of data from open access sources, government data sources and indicators.

What is unique about Land iQ compared to other government tools?

Land iQ is different to other government tools as it has integrated over 40 land use typologies into one platform which enables place-based scenario analysis. This functionality provides a standardised approach to creating, sharing, and evaluating land use scenarios against one other and measuring potential impacts.

It is also designed to be modular and flexible to evolve and adapt to the future needs of its users, leveraging new digital resources. Users can add their own data sets and customise certain aspects of Land iQ which is a unique offering across government.

Where can you use the tool? Any examples?

The tool can be used to identify sites with a set of criteria, undertake site layouts/feasibilities, make preliminary assessment of business cases, and assist strategic planning and development assessment by analysing the local context from street/suburb scale, to LGA and regional context to understand the existing economic, social, demographic, cultural and environmental context.

Land iQ has already assisted the Housing Recovery Taskforce (HRT) to identify and analyse sites for temporary accommodation. The tool will be utilised for identification of sites for long-term residential dwellings.

How can Land iQ support government priorities in housing delivery?

Land iQ provides a consistent, whole of government approach to site identification. The tool will allow users to understand planning context and identify sites with acceptable environmental risks when delivering residential development.

Land iQ can be used to:

  • Identify areas of priority for housing development (and type of housing) and short list sites using multi-criteria search
  • Assessing site and LGA resilience and impacts for planning tasks and site development considerations
  • Undertake preliminary site due diligence using the data library
  • Display the alignment between the delivery of critical infrastructure with development of new homes
  • Generate or upload 3D designs to understand built form and environmental impacts
  • Use all modules to consolidate relevant data, strategic plans, SEPPs and analytics to assess DAs / rezoning proposals.

How does Land iQ relate to the Strategic Land and Property Framework?

The Strategic Land and Property Framework (SLPF) is a government-approved policy which focuses on making better use of government land with consideration of social, economic, environmental and financial impacts.

Land iQ digitises the land use evaluation methodology under the SLPF to provide fast, reliable and data-driven strategic decision making on land.

Does Land iQ compete with anything already in the market?

No, not as a complete tool, which is why we went to market in 2021 to find a development partner to develop a new tool. Certain aspects, like the spatial viewer platform Giraffe already existed which we have built upon in the development of Land iQ.

Will the government offer Land iQ as a service?

Government is piloting Land iQ at present and will explore all long-term financial and operating models as part of implementation.

When is the tool likely to be accessible to other stakeholders?

The tool will be refined in the 2022-2023 financial year and we will develop license options to make it available more broadly to councils, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, researchers, and industry most likely in 2023-24.

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