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Precinct Development

The Precinct Development team delivers master planning and master developer services for large and complex development projects. This typically includes multi-stage projects that will require a combination of planning, design, complex stakeholder management and securing funding.

Macquarie Street East Precinct

Steeped in history, Macquarie Street East will tell the cultural, civic and heritage story of Sydney to a global audience.

Macquarie Street East Precinct

Coffs Jetty Revitalisation

An opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct that is enhanced for the benefit of the community.

Parramatta North

Covering 42-hectares of Government-owned land, the Parramatta North Program is a whole-of-government, major urban renewal initiative.

Image of Parramatta North Precinct

Herbert Street Precinct Transformation at Royal North Shore Hospital Campus

RNSH occupies an area of approximately 13 hectares on Reserve Road, St Leonards.