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Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct revitalisation

Ethos Urban Consultation Report Highlights Snapshot

Read a high level summary of the outcomes report (PDF 14,957KB).

Coffs Jetty Revitalisation draft masterplan

Ethos Urban Consultation Outcomes Report

Read the detailed community consultation outcomes report (PDF 16,427KB).

Coffs Jetty Revitalisation draft masterplan

Murawin Community Consultation and Outcomes Report

Learn about the Aboriginal community engagement process and outcomes (PDF 2,051KB).

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Property and Development NSW, on behalf of the NSW Government, is continuing to progress a community-led masterplan for the activation of the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct.

This is an opportunity to create a vibrant and thriving foreshore precinct that is enhanced and activated for the benefit of the community, while maintaining the cultural and neighbourhood qualities the community values.

Coffs’ Family Playground

A place that connects community with Country, a precinct of parks and places.

The community is and always has been at the heart of creating a thriving regional economy and destination for Coffs Harbour. The Coffs Jetty Revitalisation will be staged and funded, over time, to deliver the 20-year shared community vision.

For more information, view the Fact Sheet – Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct (PDF, 2 MB).

Next steps – Ongoing community consultation

Our work in Coffs Harbour is strengthened by extensive community and stakeholder engagement which began in 2018, including with Aboriginal community. The masterplan has been shaped by these broad perspectives, while respecting and celebrating the unique Gumbaynggirr culture and its profound connection to Country.

The community will be able to have their say again when the rezoning proposal progresses to public exhibition, which is anticipated to be later this year (2024).

New community building

The government completed work and delivered a new waterfront community building in the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshore Precinct. As always intended, the community hub was transferred to the Crown land manager, the City of Coffs Harbour, on 23 August 2023, to manage on behalf of the community.

Delivery of this hub for community is the first step in the government’s plans to revitalise the precinct of a thriving regional city that puts people at its heart.

The hub provides support for local businesses, residents and visitors, with indoor and outdoor café-style dining, a greater focus on open space, landscaping designed to preserve the area’s unique biodiversity, and new public amenities.

The hub will support ongoing economic, cultural and community benefits for many years to come.

Regional architects King + Campbell designed the building, with representation of the area’s Aboriginal, environmental and maritime roots.

Adjacent to the community hub, a new purpose-built space, housing the reinstalled South Solitary Island Lighthouse Optic (SSILO), was unveiled May 2023. The SSILO, first operational in 1880, is a celebration of the region’s rich maritime history, providing vibrancy for the local community, and a new visitor and tourism drawcard.

Artist impression new Coffs Harbour community building. Credit: Seen Australia

Site location and context 

Located on the Coffs Harbour coast with direct foreshore access to the Pacific Ocean, the site is considered by locals and visitors as one of the most important public assets within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA), with a rich cultural significance both to the local Gumbaynggirr people and in terms of European Colonial heritage.

The precinct holds significant cultural value to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including the Gumbaynggirr people, and the precinct contains sites of cultural heritage significance.

Stakeholders and consultation

Since 2018, Property and Development NSW has worked to develop collaborative and productive relationships with key stakeholders and the community in the precinct and surrounding areas. The engagement program seeks to build upon these existing relationships throughout all phases of planning, design and delivery.

Key stakeholders include:

  • Coffs Harbour community
  • Coffs Harbour District Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC)
  • Coffs Harbour City Council
  • Transport for NSW
  • Crown Lands
  • Department of Regional NSW.

Stakeholder and community consultation – key milestones

  • 2018–2020 - GHD community and stakeholder consultation, Concept Plan updated
  • 2020 - Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC) established
  • 2021 – Community input on the Precinct Vision and Place Principles
  • 2022 – Draft Masterplan released for community feedback, Refined Masterplan published
  • Next steps: 2024 – Public exhibition of rezoning proposal

Project Steering Advisory Committee (PSAC)

In late 2020, the PSAC was established to bring together a diverse range of Coffs Harbour community representatives to provide input into the vision and plans for the revitalisation and activation of the precinct. The purpose of the PSAC was to assist the NSW Government to develop a masterplan for the precinct that achieves project objectives that align with community aspirations in a feasible and sustainable way. The PSAC provided a forum for ongoing community involvement and representation in the Coffs Jetty Revitalisation master planning process.

Aboriginal engagement

Our work in Coffs Harbour is strengthened by extensive engagement across the Aboriginal community, shaping the masterplan with their perspectives to create a sustainable and vibrant precinct that respects and celebrates the unique Gumbaynggirr culture and its profound connection to Country.

To ensure our engagement with Traditional Owners continues to be meaningful, inclusive and respectful throughout the master planning process, we have partnered with Indigenous-owned business Murawin to lead a dedicated stream of engagement stream in partnership with the NSW Government.

Boat ramp and travel lift

As part of the broader integrated precinct revitalisation, the Coffs Harbour regional boat ramp and travel lift will also be upgraded. NSW Maritime and Transport for NSW are leading these two components.

Project documents:

PSAC documents:

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