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Dubbo Workplace Hub

Dubbo street

About the project

The Dubbo Workplace Hub will consolidate 24 existing government offices into one modern, efficient building providing a quality workplace for 700 regional public servants consistent with the high standards of metro locations.

The project will support more than 442 jobs during design and construction and stimulate economic benefits of $208.9 million.

Regional government workplace hubs:

  • enable and support public servants to live and work in the regions, closer to the people they serve, to help build deeper connections with local communities
  • encourage collaboration, innovation and increase employee productivity
  • help attract and retain a greater diversity of talented people in regional NSW
  • facilitate the Government’s commitment to relocate 400 Department of Regional NSW roles to the regions and support the implementation of the Regional Workforce Principles policy.


In 2021, the NSW Government announced it is investing $48.1 million for the development of the new Workplace Hub in Dubbo approximately 6,700msq.

The development of the new Dubbo Workplace Hub and the Coffs Harbour Workplace Hub  will build on the success of the whole-of-government regional hub network in Gosford, Orange and Newcastle.

What’s coming up?

  • 2021 – Project planning
  • 2022-23 – Project delivery
  • 2024 – Building completed


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