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Establishing trees on the landfill

The Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC) specialises in rehabilitating, remediating and managing legacy contaminated sites and landfills owned by the NSW Government. We are a statutory corporation that is part of Property and Development NSW.

We manage and control any potential risks to human health and the environment that these sites pose. We do this while pursuing opportunities to make the best use of the land to deliver positive outcomes for the environment and community.

Our highly specialised team of landfill management, monitoring and remediation experts have extensive experience in:

  • operations
  • engineering
  • environmental management
  • planning.

Contaminated land management and remediation

WAMC was established under the Waste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Authorised Transaction) Act 2010, which was recently amended to the Waste Assets Management Corporation Act 2023.

These amendments allow WAMC to act as the NSW Government’s central agency for managing and remediating contaminated sites.

Legacy landfill sites we manage

WAMC actively manages rehabilitation at several legacy landfill sites and containment cells across NSW, including:

  • Eastern Creek
  • Castlereagh
  • Belrose
  • Grange Ave
  • Lucas Heights 1 and Harrington’s Quarry
  • Merrylands and Thornleigh
  • Pasminco, Boolaroo

WAMC’s activities on these sites include:

  • capping repair
  • vegetation programs
  • extracting and treating the contaminated liquid that comes from landfill so it does not get into the environment or wastewater
  • landfill gas containment, extraction and combustion for renewable energy purposes
  • environmental monitoring required under the NSW Environment Protection Authority licence issued for each site.

Renewable energy

WAMC forms temporary partnerships with other businesses in renewable energy. We also offer other specialised environmental services.

We reduce the environmental effects of working and closed landfills through initiatives such as:

  • efficiently collecting landfill gas
  • generating renewable energy
  • generating renewable energy certificates.

Our facilities currently generate 87,600 megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable electricity yearly. They do this while significantly reducing methane gas emissions that affect the climate.

Response plans for potential pollution incidents

WAMC has created management plans for our response to pollution incidents. These are for our sites that hold a current environment protection licence:

We have created these plans under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. The plans set out the measures and procedures in place to prevent or minimise potential safety and environmental impacts of a pollution incident at each site.

Contact us

Head Office: Eastern Creek Waste Management Centre
Wallgrove Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766
PO Box 336, Horsley Park NSW 2175
Phone: 1300 109 655
Email: wamc.admin@dpie.nsw.gov.au