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Intertrade site remediation

Intertrade site remediation
Intertrade site remediation

About the project

Property and Development NSW’s (PDNSW’s) Environmental Service Group (ESG) is completing the remediation of land at the Intertrade site, part of the former BHP Newcastle Steelworks site in Mayfield.

This involves:

  • interim sewer and pump station connection
  • demolition of the wastewater treatment plant and substation
  • supply of high-voltage power
  • remediation of the site.


BHP’s Newcastle Steelworks previously occupied the 52 hectares of land adjacent to Newcastle Harbour in Mayfield before transferring it to the NSW Government in 2001.

The Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) previously remediated a large portion of the former steelworks site in accordance with a voluntary management plan regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under the Contaminated Land Act 1997.

PDNSW now owns and manages the land.

To allow final remediation of the site to occur, the existing wastewater treatment plant will be demolished. A temporary wastewater pump station will be installed and connected to the Hunter Water Corporation (HWC) sewer network. This work will ensure continued service to commercial properties operating within Mayfield Industrial Estate.

A historical photograph of the former BHP Steelworks

Next steps

  • The interim sewer connection to the HWC system in 2023

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For more information, email community.property@dpie.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 208 501.